lol WHAT?!

yeah.  this is another bad girls club entry.

so, i just caught this week’s episode last night.  spoiler:  kayla is gone.  and this, in my opinion, is potentially one of the most shameful exits ive witnessed in reality tv-dom.

at the top of the episode, the girls participate in some challenge where they walk the streets in lingerie and see who can get the shop the most customers or something.  i didnt see all of that part.  i did see that amber m. won, and kayla made this face, signifying that she was upset abt that.  so amber m. gets money, everybody else gets nothing.  whatever tho, it’s seemingly forgotten.

later they take a self-defense class.  they all effectively whoop the holy loving shitfire out of the instructor.  all except for kayla, who seems really timid and insecure and barely even touched the guy.  (take notes, kiddies; there’s a pop quiz later).

girls get together to go out to a club, blah blah blah, they get in a street fight, blah blah blah, they go home.

once they get there, (irony alert!) kayla lectures amber m. on the importance of defending herself–apparently both ambers got choked up by some chicks at the club they went to, which sparked the street brawl; the other girls came to the ambers’ defense.  amber m. says that the fight wasnt necessary, that if it came down to it, she’d defend herself (are you taking notes yet?) . kayla says she has to learn to fight; amber m couldn’t fight, kayla told her, and that’s why the girls had to stick up for them.  amber assures her, again, that if she HAS to fight, she will, no problem.  i can barely breathe for all the foreshadowing here right now.

fast forward, the girls go out again, but this time they split up.  kayla and the ambers go out together to a quiet restaurant and the rest of the girls go to a bar.  kayla + the ambers eat in silence, calm and cool, until it’s time to pay the bill.  amber m asks kayla for more money for a bigger tip.  kayla says no, you won the challenge earlier, why do u need my $2?  yaddah yaddah yaddah, bickering ensues.  kayla offers to pony up more money, amber m says ‘forget it.’  kayla suggests dropping the entire situation, amber m admittedly keeps picking at the wound, pushing kayla to the edge. 

they get in the car, amber b driving, amber m in the passenger seat, kayla sitting behind her.  there is more clucking and bickering, and then OH SNAP, POP QUIZ!  what happens next?

a – kayla decides to be the  bigger person and sits silent while amber m continues raging on like a petty little brat

b – amber b (driving) looks at amber m and tells her to shut the fuck up about it already, sparking a bitchfight between the two of them

c – kayla has amber b pull over at a gas station, opens amber m’s door, grabs her by her neck, throws her on a wall, says ‘bitch, dont ever disrespect me, never, not at all’ (c) if i have to tell u what lyric this is, go choke urself.

d – amber m has amber b pull over at a gas station, opens kayla’s door, and proceeds to choke her the fuck out in the back seat.

if you took good notes, then you know that the answer is D.  if you’ve been watching the show at all, you’re still surprised as hell.  lol!

yo man.  i dont like amber m.  i dont like any of the ambers.  but u can’t help but respect the way she squared up against big bad ass kayla, who between all the shit she talks and the height advantage, should have beat the life out of that girl.  or at least drawn blood.  kayla hit amber on the arm first from the backseat, as the car was moving.  amber b, very calmly–i mean the girl never ever lost her cool–tells amber m to pull the car over, turns around and says to kayla, very matter of factly, ‘if you want to fight, we’ll fight.  i have no problem fighting you.’  (this is after they’ve traded a good number of licks in the car).  car pulls over, amber b hops out, opens kayla’s door.  kayla gets out, pushes and kicks her, amber b pushes her into the backseat, gets what looks like a vicegrip on kayla’s neck and just holds it.  lmao.

granted, neither of them broads can fight.  and i dont think its fair to say that amber whooped kayla’s ass, but its definitely fair–and shameful–to say that kayla did NOT put any kind of a hurting on amber m.  and there’s no reason that she shouldnt have.

after they get home, kayla does some more mouthing off… but she doesnt try to put her hands on amber anymore.  she elects to go home.  nobody objects.  nobody says goodbye.  she gone.

my only regret is that i never got to see tiff lay hands on her.  THAT, my loves, would have been a show for the ages.

oh, speaking of tiff… she was pretty embarassing the night of the street fight.  she had the nerve to call kayla ghetto, but she does shit like this?  lmao.  i love it.


One response to “lol WHAT?!

  1. I watch this show religiously as I do most trashy reality shows. I ain’t shamed! But yeah Amber M. forever gets the trill stamp of approval from me.

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