the costa rican kamikaze killer exploding bomb hawk.

this, according to this guy, is what took down that plane that crash landed in the hudson yesterday.  this is in response to my question:  wtf kind of bird WAS that??

after seeing these pics of planes damaged after hitting birds @ the huffington post… i kinda think he could be absolutely right.

dude.  is sam the eagle flyin around up there or somethin?? 

for shit’s sake, what is wrong with these birds?  when they’re on the ground, if u run at them, make a loud noise in their general direction, or attempt to call it close while singing a sweet negro spiritual, what does it do?  has a bitchfit & runs the other way.  but apparently when they feathery little asses get up in the air and see a huge, HUGE, loud, grumbling, metal, monstrous looking son of a bitch, they choose to hold off on the escaping, giving those huge vortexes called engines enough time to suck them in to the plane’s path.

i dont feel sorry for you, birds.  not one bit do i feel sorry for you.

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4 responses to “the costa rican kamikaze killer exploding bomb hawk.

  1. I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash for sure, sounds like the pilot did a great job

  2. those pictures are unbelievable!

  3. this is why all birds should be deep-fried.

  4. Not a good week for predatory birds.

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