happy black history month from e-trade

are your insecurities tingling right now?  if so, it’s probably because you’re sitting right now in a lily white office or classroom or whatever your choice of employment, just waiting for someone to break out some kente cloth, collard greens, or a tape of dr. king’s ‘i have a dream’ speech in honor of black history month.  or maybe you’re just afraid that you look fat in your jeans, i don’t know your life.

at any rate, it is now officially black history month and i am EXCTIED.  if you’ve been with me for at least a year, you may remember my Great Big Gotdamn Black History Month Extravaganza with such features as ‘black music nobody remembers but me,’ ‘black history month spotlight,’ and a sundry collection of little known black history facts that i combed the recesses of the seedy information undeground for on behalf of the folks @ postbourgie.  well my friends, i am pleased to inform you that you can expect another heaping helping of inappropriate information this year.  cause i mean somebody gotta teach the babies the truth, right?  if not me, then who?

so we’re gonna start off with this little jewel.  i didnt watch the superbowl on account of im allergic to sports that move as slowly as football does, but i usually watch for the commercials.  i didnt even do that this year.  but, my mama was tellin me about the funny e-trade baby commercials and, remembering the genius of the clown commercial, i just had to run to the interwebs to check it out.  i found the new commercials, and i also found this little real of outtakes from the shoot.

yeah, they’re cute.  and funny.  but there is a morsel of golden information here that i’m sure no one picked up on but me.  firstly, how bout a round of applause for the first black e-trade baby, huh?  james meredith is doin the shoulder lean in heaven in celebration as we speak (we not gon talk about how the first black etrade baby is SINGING though.  black folk always gotta be singin in some shit, dont we?).  secondly, pay attention to the 0:53 minute mark.

the burning question has been answered.  nature vs. nurture:  black people have a naturally occurring, genetic predisposition for big asses, developing early in life.  totally natural.

thank you e-trade.

tune in for more of my Great Big Gotdamned Black History Month Extravaganza!  it’s gonna knock ur weave off.  it’s gonna be AWESOME.

One response to “happy black history month from e-trade

  1. dag. i mean, couldn’t they make these babies dance, play some basketball, fry some chicken, AND tell jokes too?

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