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hiatus || lakita calls walmart

hi friends!

so you may have noticed that new entries are drippin out the faucet veeery slowly around here lately, and im sorry for that.   sometimes life pops up and i have to log off the interwebs and live it, for better or for worse.  its still for worse, since i havent won the lottery yet (but my day is coming, mark my words!).  i imagine things will be slow around here for awhile, but i shall not forget thee, my peasy headed loves!

for now, please enjoy this clip of Lakita Jenkins calling Walmart to report a ghost in the ladie’s room.  thanks to this guy for sharing this with me!

president obama is trying to make me break up with him.

truth told, he’s found the way to do it.

i was so excited when i saw that he had my boys goin to the final 4 this march.

i was even more exciteder when i saw he had em goin to the championship game.

but i was PUT OUT when i saw that he got us losing to north carolina!  what the french!!??  how u gon down my dudes like that??  in my life, there are 3 things that u dare not talk about in my presence:  my mama, my weight, or my cardinals.  i really thought i was gonna have to end it over this.

but then i saw that picture of him palming that ball and my ladyparts got all tingly and i forgave him.



Obama picks North Carolina to win NCAA title

Associated Press

BRISTOL, Conn.Barack Obama picked North Carolina to defeat Louisville for the NCAA championship, a relatively safe selection for a trailblazing president.

Obama spent part of Tuesday making his tournament picks for ESPN, which posted his completed bracket online Wednesday and showed the First Fan filling it out with Andy Katz on the noon edition of SportsCenter.

The president had top-seeded Pittsburgh join the No. 1-seeded Tar Heels and Cardinals in the Final Four, but chose second-seeded Memphis to beat Connecticut in the West Regional.

Perhaps showing some indecision, Obama initially had the Panthers playing Louisville for the national title in the file posted online. Pitt was scratched out of the title game in favor of North Carolina, which in turn replaced Louisville in the “champion” box.

“Here’s what I like about Carolina: experience and balance,” Obama said.

Familiarity, too. Obama played a pickup game with Tyler Hansbrough and the Tar Heels while campaigning in North Carolina last April.

i didnt figure this would have to be said, but

watermark11okay so, im the last one to give yall any new shit most of the time.  stuff that you see here either comes from other sites and is then sprinkled with my 2 cents, or its original bullshit (emphasis on bullshit) pulled from the recesses of my skewed, odd little mind.  so yeah, i borrow too.  but, i always credit the sites that i borrow stuff from cause my mama raised me right.

iont care if yall repost stuff from here, but pls do me a favor and credit/link back to this broke ass corner of the net.  k?   i have voodoo dolls.  dont make me use them.

thanks, love bugs!

look at some more of these fucking ads

hi all!  got some traffic comin in from listoftheday from ppl who are totally fucking excited about these fucking ads, so i thought id put some more up cause i stumbled upon some more since the last entry on them.  all these are from the encyclopdia dramatica.  i’m on a mac right now and i cant freaking figure out how to hyperlink, so i’ll have to do all that jazz tomorrow.  this damn computer is smarter than ive ever wanted to be 😦

thing that shouldn’t exist of the day



motherfucka, why???  (c) Steve Harvey