i didnt figure this would have to be said, but

watermark11okay so, im the last one to give yall any new shit most of the time.  stuff that you see here either comes from other sites and is then sprinkled with my 2 cents, or its original bullshit (emphasis on bullshit) pulled from the recesses of my skewed, odd little mind.  so yeah, i borrow too.  but, i always credit the sites that i borrow stuff from cause my mama raised me right.

iont care if yall repost stuff from here, but pls do me a favor and credit/link back to this broke ass corner of the net.  k?   i have voodoo dolls.  dont make me use them.

thanks, love bugs!

6 responses to “i didnt figure this would have to be said, but

  1. Oh, no. Did we forget to shout you out somewhere?

  2. gd – nah, not at all. ive been running across some suspiciously like material @ other sites lately which may or may not have come from here. nothin major; just takin tiny precautions. yall are good!

  3. bubblin' brown shuga

    so let me get this straight……….someone stole your opinion regarding someone else’s originally published material? and you want credit for them “finding” said material that you republished on your blog?

    hilarious for several different reasons.

    not really sure what exactly you are protecting but i hear ya………i guess.

    maybe you could provide a link to an example for clarity’s sake. i would love to see how this intellectual thievery actually works.

  4. shuga – im not certain that anything of ‘mine’ has been ‘stolen’ and even if it had its not that big a deal, which is why im only giving the matter a short little blurb instead of sending angry emails and making nasty comments. no examples provided because nothing’s certain, and its not that important. and, its not just concerning material i ‘found’ elsewhere.

    but how much trouble is it to say ‘i saw this at whateverblog.com and wanted to share’ whenever u repost stuff at ur own blog? why is that a ridiculous thing to ask for? i get like 2 hits a day and would appreciate the linkback. lol.

    more importantly, though, i figured it was just proper blogging decorum. i do it. *shrug*

  5. can i borrow a voodoo doll?

    pls & thnxs.

  6. bubblin' brown shuga

    that is a dam shame. i thought a blog was a thing that ppl create to talk about THEMSELVES. its supposed to be SELF centered.

    one day when im all big and strong and my name is in blue highlights you can rest assure that i wont be using nobody else’s shit.

    its gonna be all about me, me, me and more me. anything else would be like stealing a bootleg CD or a frada bag.

    no taxation without representation dammit!

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