hiatus || lakita calls walmart

hi friends!

so you may have noticed that new entries are drippin out the faucet veeery slowly around here lately, and im sorry for that.   sometimes life pops up and i have to log off the interwebs and live it, for better or for worse.  its still for worse, since i havent won the lottery yet (but my day is coming, mark my words!).  i imagine things will be slow around here for awhile, but i shall not forget thee, my peasy headed loves!

for now, please enjoy this clip of Lakita Jenkins calling Walmart to report a ghost in the ladie’s room.  thanks to this guy for sharing this with me!

3 responses to “hiatus || lakita calls walmart

  1. Ok. I could not even listen to this whole clip. I could not. After she said that the ghost walked up to her daughter and touched her daughter’s cootchie-hole and she was enraged…. No. I couldn’t even go on. Maybe after some time away from it, I will be able to listen to the rest without dying. Maybe. Not likely. But maybe.

  2. lmao. why is my first urge to copy her and call a store and say the same thing? i can’t imagine how a clerk in japan might react. “i feel trouble about something that happened in the stall.”

  3. bubblin' brown shuga

    a ghost that molests children?

    michael jackson?

    thats actually not funny tho. reporting fake sexual abuse against a child. bitch needs a hobby for real.

    after i heard the “coochie hole” part i turned it off bc even joking like that is way inappropriate. since when is child molestation a joking matter?

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