rad dudes of the day

try as you may, you’ll never, EVER be cooler than these guys.

these cats are so rad u almost dont notice the creepy ass bunny in the background.  but then u see the bunny and u say to urself, ‘wait, why the fuck did this picture even happen?’

leather + motorcycle + more leather+ motherfucking FALCONRY = just go ahead and kill urself if you aren’t this guy, cause you’ll never live up to such greatness.

his festive tie says, ‘i know i’m holding a floppy disk, but i am still a manly man who enjoys sweaty sports.’  and his floppy disk says ‘hello, beautiful lady.  your tits look nice now, but in 20 years they’ll be at your knees, and i will be stupid rich. make an investment! come get with this now!’

this can only be made cooler with keytars and unicorns.  and perhaps ninjas.

please welcome to the stage: The Rancid Dreams!  guy on the left was kicked out of the band for bitching up the album cover with his happy face. ironically, the kid with ‘passion’ on his jeans was allowed to stay.

motherfuckin popsicles BITCH!

and now a special edit to include someone that i actually know in real life.  witness:  the high top from heaven (or hell, depending on how u look at it):

this shit dont even need a caption.

all these rad dudes and more can be found here.  enjoy!

5 responses to “rad dudes of the day

  1. ROTFLMAO!! You tryna ruin my livelihood in these tough times! Why did I just cackle?? “motherfucking popsicles BITCH” pretty much did me in. Thanks, Brokey. Thanks a lot.

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  3. naturallyalise

    I dont know what you are talking about… FALCONRY is the shit! lol

    oh and i died with this: “this can only be made cooler with keytars and unicorns. and perhaps ninjas.”

  4. Brokey,

    I love this. But in fairness to that kid, that’s a shovel, not a popsicle.

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