feel good springtime 2-steppin jams of the day


philadelphia, we’re in for a beautiful, clear, 70+ degree day today and i am FEELIN IT. first of all, im cute. second of all, im bouncin from work early. third of all, i am CUTE! shout out to dior show mascara for gettin the lashes pop & to my mama’s genes for gettin everythang else poppin. and fourth, it’s FRIDAY!! and fifth, IT ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING!  finally!

im talkin bout, i woke up early this mornin. early. just woke up and tried my best to give the air around me a kiss, i was feelin so good. this is one of those days where u just need to dance. not just dance, but two step. im talkin bout like old-school-playa-in-the-club-in-a-fubu-joggin-suit-with-his-cup-in-the-air-on-the-dancefloor two step. everybody should be doing this today, and i wanna help!

so here’s a good start to the perfect soundtrack for such two steppin. i got these on coooonstant repeat today. freak it out, hoes! happy friday!

(im at work and cant really tell if those vids work or not 😦 if they dont, please lemme know!)

i need to give a special shout out to my homedude derreck for bringing ‘margarita’ into my life. u changed me for the better!


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