whatever. i’ll say it if yall wont.

she’s got a nice voice but… chills?  tears?  extra.

im talking, of course, about Susan Boyle, latest youtube sensation and current favorite story for all your favorite news entertainment sections.

dont get me wrong.  she has a nice voice.  but… i really think ppl are being drama queens about this and it makes me feel kinda weird.  mostly because i really think that ppl are makin a big deal over her voice because of the visage that encapsulates it.

everybody all shocked that homegirl can hold a note.  why?  is it cause she’s a bit dumpy, is in desperate need of brow work, and says she’s never been kissed?  how insulting!  ‘you look like a troll!  i didnt think you’d be able to do anything but grunt and hiss into the microphone!’ the nerve!  gimmie a break.  if this song was sung by a contestant during Miss America’s talent portion, id be like, ‘…eh.’

maybe its because she sang a song from one of my favorite musicals ever (take note, bitches!  im a hateful shrew, but im a *cultered* hateful shrew!).  oh, i know me some les miserables.  ive heard that song sung by  the greats, and patti lupone she is not.

charming, tho.

but waaaaaay overhyped.

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2 responses to “whatever. i’ll say it if yall wont.

  1. mickey25121989


    finally someone said this. it’s fucking overrated.

    and btw. this is the very fucking same as the paul potts thing.

    kinda ugly lucking person walks up stage and picks hard song.
    jury says: ha ! no way you nerd.
    persons sings the song real nice.
    everybody is (acts?) surprised. cries a little.
    person’s gonna record album.

    done – next please!

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