when did commercials become such whores??


like okay.  we all know that sex sells.  but between the family friendly hours of 8 am and 11 pm, didnt it used to be at least a LITTLE modest??

they’re showin these freak ass commercials all hours of the day and i mean, omg.  they’re brazen! like this quiznos shit.  ‘put it in me, scott?’  WAT!

and red bull!  red bull commercials have always had a little kinky edge to them but this time, the implication of cartoon penis is a bit too much for me to bear.

america, this is why all your teenagers are pregnant or at least pregnant looking, sittin in front of the tv gettin endoctrinated at all hours.  what would tyler perry say?!

4 responses to “when did commercials become such whores??

  1. Whoa! Was that Red Bull ad aired in America? That’s the way you market stuff to men, I guess. The product has to get you 1) Women, 2) Money-> women or 3) Sexual powers-> women.

  2. yeah man! saw it just last night. crazy!

  3. Girl have you seen the ads of Dove Chocolate?? The amount of oral pleasure now derived from a square of chocolate is like THAT?!?? Glad to see you are back. You were definitely missed!

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t mention those commercials for KY jelly. That is always shocking to me. I saw it one time like at 9pm. Too early for that. Sex is all these teenagers see all day everyday.

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