awkward family photos of the day

shouts to my girl freedom reeves for puttin me on to this.  this site is golden, thru and thru.

dad divorced mom shortly after he saw this picture on the grounds that this is the same look she gave the pool boy.  while wearing those suggestive black bunny ears.  and nothing else.

what’s that? u got a problem with nana and pepop gettin it crackin in front of everybody else?  well excuse me, but do u know of a BETTER way to get a family orgy goin?

why do i feel like this is the equivalent of a black family being photographed chasin chickens and eatin watermelon in a cotton field?

most disturbing things abt this picture:  1) it really looks like the chick standin behind mom wants mom to die;  2) when the hell did they start letting priests wear daisy dukes?!

yeah, boo, you know what im sayin.. yo essence is just so effervescent i wanna just stand back here and bask in the glow of yo womanness for a minute.  you see that girl?  you makin my toes curl up right through my imitation gators, which i purchased from the clearance rack at Today’s Man. I LOVE YO STANK ASS GIRL

and finally, this picture isnt from awkward family photos, but it should totally be there.  i found this at

totally doesn’t need a caption.

One response to “awkward family photos of the day

  1. Okay, I clicked on your name over at VSB the other day and I can’t tell you how many consecutive times you had me dying while browsing your site. This will definitely be added to my daily reads.

    This particular entry being no exception. KILT @ priest in daisy dukes.

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