so i dont know how many of u cared about my rant abt philly’s 46th street train station.  the philly weekly sort of cared, tho, and they put it up @ their website.

the entry went up here on tuesday.  the next day, it went up @ the philly weekly.  this mornin?  there were ppl in the office workin.  construction.  on somethin.

now this is likely purely coincidental.  but as i am wont to take credit for everything all the time in my daily life, i will instead say, YOU’RE WELCOME, PHILADELPHIA.  please send all letters of praise and admiration to:

2 responses to “WTF PHILADELPHIA: a followup

  1. since philly weekly is lifting your content, do they at least deliver that paper to your doorstep or give you free space to run a personal?

  2. could you please blog about the insane cost of groceries in bungoland? just, you know, cause japan might be reading. thanks, and i think you’ll go to heaven for this.

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