fuck yeah, philadelphia!

if ever there was a time for me to be a proud semi-philadelphian

well first let me say that i really really hope the guy whose ass they beat is the guy who committed this crime

then let me say… HELL YEAH!  BEAT HIS ASS!!  then tattoo ‘I RAPE BABIES’ on his forehead and throw his ass in a cell with a bunch of really, really large men who think he has a pretty mouth.

dudes who beat this guy’s ass wont face charges.  the official reaction of the president of the fraternal order of police:  ‘so be it.’  i love it.  plus it looks like they get reward money!

Video: Rape ‘Person Of
Interest’ Beaten

PHILADELPHIA – A stunning videotape has emerged in the rape case of an 11-year-old girl, showing neighbors beating the “person of interest” who’s now hospitalized.

Slideshow: Beating Caught On Tape

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It happened around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at Front Street and Clearfield Street in the city’s Kensington section.

Fox 29’s Jeff Cole spoke to some of the people involved in the incident.

The surveillance video, from a corner convenience store, shows 26-year-old Jose Carrasquillo being chased by at least three people, one of whom hits him several times with what appears to be a bat or large stick. As they chase the man, a crowd gathers. A police officer arrives, and the video cuts off.

It was unclear Tuesday night whether anyone would be charged in the beating. Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Frank Vanore said he was sure police will “look at it.”

2 responses to “fuck yeah, philadelphia!

  1. OMG that’s great! That foul mofo deserves every bit of pain he felt.

  2. I kinda felt the same way. not really a promoter of violence [especially in philly smh] but i was like beat his asss yeess. Philly stand up for 5 seconds!

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