um, joe jackson, wtf?

got this from the good ppls @ postbourgie.

okay.  maybe he’s crazy with grief.  but i think its common knowledge that he’s just fucking crazy, flat out.  promoting ur business at a time like this?

how do u grow up sane with this behind the wheel? blood is on the dancefloor, blood is on… joe jackson’s hands?

a quick post-script:  things will be slow around here for a little while; im in the middle of a humungous, annoying move from philly to louisville, ky.  so im alive!  and i havent forgotten abt u!  im just being tortured with boxes and packing tape!

4 responses to “um, joe jackson, wtf?

  1. that makes me upset! CRAZY

  2. Yeah, that Joe Jackson interview was the very epitome of FAIL.

  3. U know that’s exactly what I said the moment I heard Mike had died..It’s Papa Joe’s fault!!!!!!!

    P.s glad to see you back, Brokey

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