real reality rundown: real chance of love + real housewives of atl

okay.  so since i love you guys, i decided long ago that i would watch all the mind-numbing, IQ-killing trashy reality tv so that you won’t have to, thus saving your precious brain cells.  as far as real housewives of ATL goes, this is working out well for me–i LOVE this damn show!!!  oh man.  its full of ridiculousness.  its like a buffet of ignorance and i just can’t get a plate full enough.

as for real chance of love… im struggling there so far.  i thought about trying to watch megan wants a millionaire, but i have to think about myself a little bit.  that’s a little too much like self-harm.

so!  housewives!

this past thursday we saw the second episode and i was so mad because those damn editors had me thinking that the fisticuffs between kim and sheree were going to happen this last week.  the first episode pretty much sets the stage for all the ‘fence mending’ the ladies are to be doing, because if they dont interact then they cant fight, and if they dont fight then there is no show they just love each other and miss each other’s friendships so much.  also, we’re introduced to a new housewife:  kandi!  that’s right, kandi from x-scape.  seems a…. random edition, but they had an open slot to fill, so.  works out well for her tho.. gettin some good pub for the album she says she’s working on.  she finna marry a man with six kids…. can’t wait to see how all that turns out!

kandikandi + stepkids.

the highlight of this show was DEFINITELY the fight between sheree and her party planner, anthony shorter.  so apparently, sheree is divorced, right, and she’s all hype and feelin free and particularly self-centered, so she decides she wants to throw a party that is all about glorifying her magnificence.  lol.  comin in on a helicopter?  somebody recitin a poem abt her?  lol puh-LEEZE.  anyway.  she’s meeting with anthony, she’s not satisfied with the lack of communication, they pretty much end up bitchfighting.  it was cool because from that fight i got my new favorite saying of the moment:  ‘who gon check me, boo?’  lol fab!  but it sucked because anthony pretty much decided to show everybody not only how unprofessional he is, but also what a generally terrible human being he is too.  dude threatened to put his hands on ol girl!  talkin bout he gon slap the shit out her, then starts talking about his mother?  come ON, i dont care how difficult your client is being.  firstly, she wasnt even being THAT difficult.. a little full of herself, yes, but so what, she’s payin you ridiculous dollars more than likely to fly her crazy ass in on a helicopter…pocket the snarky shit she says and pocket them dollars right along with it and be done.  and secondly, even if she WAS being extra difficult, you should know how to handle yourself and the situation better.  the thing to do is to let HER rant and rage, and then politely discontinue your services.  you never stoop to the low level of such a client.  shorter really played himself there, and i hope his business tanks.  i know that if  i was throwin a party, he’d be the last person id go to.  if i had the money.  which i dont.  but whatever, that’s beside the point.

and apparently he still hates her.

in last week’s episode, nene thought it would be a good idea if she, lisa, sheree (whom she had made up with earlier in the episode), and kim all got together for drinks and dinner to discuss some shit that kim had apparently been talking about all of them.  yeah.  i dont know why any of them thought that would go down in a civil manor.  and kimhelmetfurthermore, i dont know why kim even agreed to it!  i mean for real!  if i was kim, whether id been talkin abt them or not, there’s no way i’d enter into that situation, especially in public, because they all had it in their heads that she’d been runnin her mouth.  we can do a phone conference, we can do it one on one.  or if push comes to shove we can do it in somebody’s living room with bodyguards present.  lol.  there was just no way for that to end well.  and it didnt.  it started off as fun and games with kim showin the safety helmet she brought for protection just in case the girls thought to jump her, but soon erupted into a screaming match inside the restaurant which then spilled out onto the street.

during the ‘discussion,’ sheree pretty much charged kim with saying a bunch of stuff abt nene’s husband that kim denied, and you know what?  i believe kim was tellin the truth, if for no other reason than sheree seems like the type of person who will steal your wallet, then turn around and help you look for it.  definitely not my favorite.  even nene herself said that she didnt know which one to believe… id love it if it came out that sheree was just hatin to make up for the emptiness she feels in her soul after that fashionless fashion show she had last season.  lol. time will tell though, i guess.

next week:  fisticuffs!  cant wait!  ive been thinkin abt doin a live twitter session during the show next week… im usually twittering during the show anyway… yall should join me!  follow me! the account is private, but i’ll let u in!

okay, now on to real chance of love season two…. its been a trainwreck right out the gate.  fist fight already.  i dont even have anything too pointed to say.  i had some comments on the contestants but i dont even feel motivated to make them.  messes.  just messes, all of em.

i do want to say, tho, that real still looks like a vampire in brooklyn, and one of the girls motivated me to write a post on horrendous eyebrows, which should be coming up soon.  look for it!

3 responses to “real reality rundown: real chance of love + real housewives of atl

  1. I, too, watch the trash so others don’t have to! Along with RHoATL, I’ve taken to documenting Making His Band. That one’s a struggle and the only reason I keep watching is because I’ve started blogging about it already!

    Oh how heavy is the blogwoman’s burden?

  2. I don’t know what that girl on Real Chance’s name is, but I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about. I can’t even believe girls still do that foolishness. Tsk, tsk.

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