dancing with the professional dancers

so this year’s ‘dancing with the stars’ lineup was announced and i kinda scratched my head at it.  i dont really watch the show, but i know enough about it to think that there may be something a little fishy about mya being in this season’s cast.

the girl’s a professional dancer!  right??  that’s her thing.  is that fair to the other contestants, who include a snowboarder, a huge champion mma fighter, a teenage witch and a pair of teeth with legs?  hardly seems fair, no?  they dont mention mya’s training as a dancer on their page.  conspiracy?  cahoots?  it makes one scratch the chin!

everybody seems to be more surprised by former house majority leader tom delay‘s inclusion in the cast, but let me tell you what.  he just may be the one to watch for, because david gregory showed us all on the Today show that fuddy duddies in starched suits can get DOWN with they bad selfs!  matter fact, they should have put *him* in the cast.  id watch every show, faithfully.

9 responses to “dancing with the professional dancers

  1. Dude, I’d be all over DWTS if David Gregory was on it.

  2. my want for Mya is deep. DEEP.

  3. Yeah, including Mya’s dancing ass ain’t even fair! She’s gonna pretty much mop the floor with the bulk of that cast.

    And I quit you for reminding me of that Mary J Blige on the Today Show clip. Homie was gettin’ DOWN. He was in the running for a hood pass.

  4. that clip of David Gregory dancing is hillarious.

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