thing i hope doesnt exist anymore of the day

if you can’t read the text, it says:

The Love Rug strokes your bodies as you make love. Once you feel the sensuous delight of the furry Love Rug, you’ll never go back to an ordinary bed again.  As you stroke, it strokes.  The incredibly soft, furlike fibers caress your bodies from head to toe.  It’s almost like having another lover there with the two of you.  The Love Rug is as beautiful to look at as it is to feel.  Only another animal of its stripe could tell that it wasn’t real fur.  Only$150 for you favorite animal texture.  Choose Mink, Lynx, or Jaguar.  But be sure to order now!

LOL.  don’t this sound like some shit from ‘Anchorman?’  i put money on it that dude wore Sex Panther to the photoshoot.  (from

2 responses to “thing i hope doesnt exist anymore of the day

  1. or he wore High Karate….

  2. LOL, I love how one of the animal prints is Lynx. Very apt.

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