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inverted celebrity nipples of the day

Steve Harvey wins/loses!

bladder control pads saved my house! again!

don’t put these on ur granny. they might suck out her soul.

fanpadsif you’re the Suzie Homemaker type who wets her panties (heh!   pardon the pun.  or dont pardon it, cause i actually think it’s kind of clever) over a good home remedy, this entry is for you!

we got a lot of rain in my city over the past day or so.  when the rain started i’m sure we were fine, but as it picked up and endured i think it’s safe to assume that the whole of Louisville collectively shat ourselves after hearing that roads in southern Indiana were already washing out.  this is because at the beginning of August, we more or less got our asses kicked by a couple of days of Noah’s Arc style torrential downpours.  it was a mess.  my family and i were driving into town on the last day of the rains after having been gone for a few days.  once we got inside the city, it literally took us over an hour to find a safe route home because so many of the roads were impassable, and when we finally did get home, we found that our semi-finished basement had, while we were out, played temporary host to around 4 inches of water.

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anti-obama healthcare plan sign of the day

LOL.  so yall know i love President Boo (known also as Obama) with all my heart and soul til the end of all time, and i’m bout sick of all the Kanye hullabaloo as anyone, but this is too awesome.

(via the Huffington Post)

the 5 worst things about the move

sigh.  sorry for the inconsistent updates here lately.  i have a million excuses if anyone is interested, but i’m gonna assume that nobody really cares.

remember when i started my list of the 5 best and 5 worst things about relocating from philly, pa to lousville, ky, but only had time to post up the good stuff?  well after receiving a complaint inquiry regarding where the hell the rest of it was, i figured id get off my butt and post up the bad.  so!  with no further achoo:

ONE:no more SEPTA. 😦 easily one of the most irritating things about this city.  getting around is a bitch and a HALF, i swear to you.  everything in this city is so spread out and far away from everything else.. getting from one side of the city to the other is pretty much a guaranteed 1 hour bus ride.  what’s that you say?  why don’t i just take the train?  why, i’m glad you asked!  THERE IS NO FREAKIN TRAIN!!  this place is forever bragging about being the 16th largest city and all that jazz.  ha!  talk about never knowing what you got til its gone.  i, for better or worse, have adopted a Big City view of driving and public transportation.  driving is expensive, bad for the environment and a hassle that i’ve become unaccustomed to.  and public transpo, when it’s good, is eco friendly, convenient, and there’s a certain joy that comes with knowing that you’ve always got a designated driver.  the bus system here blows.  it just blows.  i wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t blow so bad, but it blows.  the scheduling is erratic, the routes are ridiculous.  and the stigma against the bus and bus riders here is really annoying.  so overall… i really miss sucky SEPTA and all it’s sucky flaws. 😦

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soooo the VMAs were last night.


soooooo.  MTV’s Video Music Awards wrapped about 30 minutes ago, and unless you’re living under a rock or are otherwise not well-versed in Internet, you’ve probably heard about all the controversies.  Kanye’s new storming of the stage and the hissyfit he brought with him.  Lady Gaga’s torso having it’s period in the middle of her performance.  Pink goin’ Cirque du Soleil on all you bastards.  since those big events are all the buzz, i won’t spend too much time on them.  i do wanna say a little somethin about the show tho.  overall, it actually didn’t suck.  i didn’t walk away from it feeling that i had totally wasted 5 hours of my life that i will never get back.  that’s typically my feeling after this little shindig.  and after each BET Award show.  and the Source Awards (lmao.  remember when the Source had an award show?  lol.  horrible idea).  it was actually a fairly good show… it held my attention beginning to end thanks to the MJ tribute in the beginning and all the stuff that wasn’t supposed to happen/no one expected thereafter.  these, in my opinion, were (some of) the highlights of the evening for me:

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watch the VMAs with me!

hey, babies!

long time no type, eh?  sorry.  ive been lazy busy.  but!  for all the twitterers out there, i’ll be live tweeting during the VMA festivities this afternoon, starting at 8!  i guess i should have posted this earlier, but i just got the genius idea to.  anyway, if you’re followin me, come watch!  if you’re not following me, WHAT IN THE BLEEDING HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM??!  get on it! (acct is private, but send me a request and i’ll add you!)

song of the day

the good homie dseals at high speed dubbing reminded me of how amazing this song is today.  ‘a toast to the people’ by brian jackson and gil scott heron.  enjoy!