the 5 worst things about the move

sigh.  sorry for the inconsistent updates here lately.  i have a million excuses if anyone is interested, but i’m gonna assume that nobody really cares.

remember when i started my list of the 5 best and 5 worst things about relocating from philly, pa to lousville, ky, but only had time to post up the good stuff?  well after receiving a complaint inquiry regarding where the hell the rest of it was, i figured id get off my butt and post up the bad.  so!  with no further achoo:

ONE:no more SEPTA. 😦 easily one of the most irritating things about this city.  getting around is a bitch and a HALF, i swear to you.  everything in this city is so spread out and far away from everything else.. getting from one side of the city to the other is pretty much a guaranteed 1 hour bus ride.  what’s that you say?  why don’t i just take the train?  why, i’m glad you asked!  THERE IS NO FREAKIN TRAIN!!  this place is forever bragging about being the 16th largest city and all that jazz.  ha!  talk about never knowing what you got til its gone.  i, for better or worse, have adopted a Big City view of driving and public transportation.  driving is expensive, bad for the environment and a hassle that i’ve become unaccustomed to.  and public transpo, when it’s good, is eco friendly, convenient, and there’s a certain joy that comes with knowing that you’ve always got a designated driver.  the bus system here blows.  it just blows.  i wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t blow so bad, but it blows.  the scheduling is erratic, the routes are ridiculous.  and the stigma against the bus and bus riders here is really annoying.  so overall… i really miss sucky SEPTA and all it’s sucky flaws. 😦

TWO:no more cheesesteaks! 😦 this could actually be seen as good and bad.  good because in philly, cheesesteaks are way too tasty, way too abundant, and way too affordable.  why you think philly was named fattest city in the nation?  all them damn delicious cheesesteaks flowin through the streets at all hours of the night!  i definitely became a cheesesteak snob.  i will officially never, ever order or eat a cheesesteak outside the city of philadelphia.  that ain’t no cheesesteak, it’s a LIE!

THREE:nobody here twitters!  😦 i should refine that.  nobody that i know here twitters.  i love me some twitter.  love it to death.  nearly had a nervous breakdown when they blocked it at work.  its so quick and easy and convenient for the narcissist who thinks that everybody cares about every little thing they have to say all the time (speaking of which, are you following me yet??!)  twitter was really, really cool when i could send out an open invite for happy hour to people who could actually accept, or twitpic the pile of weave and sequins i just passed at 13th and Locust to those who can recognize the hilarity therein (weave + sequins + 13th & Locust = epic drag queen fight, clearly).  but here, Facebook seems to be the soup du jour.  so when i tweet about the troupe of magical singing bumbs on Bardstown Road, nobody cares.  😦

FOUR:no good (free) concerts! 😦 MAN.  i saw the best concerts i’ve ever seen while i was in philly.  The Roots (more times than i can count) Bilal, Jay-Z, J*Davey, Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco, Tanya Morgan, Little Brother.  and often for free!  FREE.  ive never seen a free show here.  not a good one, anyway.  all the acts that i love so much are very attracted to philly because they’ve got big fan bases there, large enough to drop the occasional free show, even.  the only free show ive seen advertised here was some Russ Parr back to school show featuring Hurricane Chris and Yo Gotti.  it turned into a riot.  literally.

FIVE:ain’t no jobs here!  😦 at least none that want me.  i had like 100 (read:  2) jobs in philly.  i’ve been back in louisville for like 3 years (read:  2 months) and i haven’t been scooped up yet!  WHAT GIVES!

in the end, though, i’m close to my family again.  which makes it worth it.

…for now.  lol.

2 responses to “the 5 worst things about the move

  1. this was fun to read. TARC is lame. free shows in ky are lackluster, unfortunately. hopefully, you can tone down the big city state of mind and get accustomed to the small town mentality of lil ol louisville again. i’ll try to keep you posted, on the happenings for people like you and I, who look for alternative forms of entertainment.

  2. I’ve lived in Louisville my whole life and I have to agree/disagree with the following things:

    1) Public transport in this city is a joke. It always has been. TARC is crap, but it’s slowly getting better, yet, it’ll never be SEPTA. I love cities with light rail/subway, but this city is probably never gonna be that forward thinking.

    2) Surely we’ve got something that can match up. Have you tried the frickled pickles at Genny’s Diner? But, you’re right, cheesesteak is only good in Philly as my wife tried to tell me 100 times.

    3) I tweet (infrequently, though) and I sent a request to follow you.

    4) Very rarely do we get free concerts because, yea though we’re the 16th largest (which is the biggest PR hoax in the world) city, we just don’t rank on the “concert tour” calendar. Still, WFPK hosts some Waterfront Wednesdays which are always free and the music is generally pretty decent. As a matter of fact, much of what WFPK offers is pretty decent.

    5) I hear ya! Glad to have a job, but looking for something else!

    Find me at

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