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awesome acapellas

so i was up late for video surfing at youtube for no real reason at all last night.  while searching for Boyz II Men’s acapella version of ‘can you stand the rain‘ i came across some pretty cool stuff!  these are essentiallyglee club-style renditions of some good classics. warning: the audiences are annoying and the sound aint so great.

here’s a nintendo acapella, complete with interpretive dance:

a Nickelodeon medley(whatchall know about The Beets??):

‘thriller,’ also with interpretive dance:

outkast’s ‘the way you move.’ i will admit to doing my own interpretive dance to this:

& this is my fave of the day, largely because of the singer’s fro and because whoever did this arrangement knows enough abt music to be able to link curtis mayfield’s ‘move on up‘ and kanye’s ‘ touch the sky:’

shout out to ‘glee‘ for makin this shit cool again.


best halloween costumes ever of the day

try as you may, yours will not be this cool.

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ridiculous moments in r&b, part 1

so after finishing up my ridiculous moments in new jack swing post however many years ago, i seem to have become sensitive to all ridiculous moments in music.  i noticed very recently that my subconscious has been compiling a working list of ridiculous moments in r&b, all of r&b, not just the 90s, so i sat down intending to do a quick purging.  turns out this quick purging is too long for just one post, so i think it’s gonna be a 3-parter as of now.  so!  without further achoo and in no particular order, let’s get part one started right!

1.  chante moore clearly hates her friends. ladies, close your eyes and imagine this.  well, read this first, and then close your eyes cause it’d be kind of hard to do the other way around.  okay.  it’s a friday night.  you and some of your girlfriends gather together to have a glass of wine or 4 and do some theraputic venting about your man problems.  love is a battlefield, and sometimes even the mightiest of warriors get weary, and tonight, all you wanna do is find some strength in your girls and forget that men even exist for awhile.

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i dont think ive laughed this hard at a random snl skit since the pizzeria uno’s pepper joint with bobby moynihan.  this is HILARIOUS.  jason sudeikis poplockin in the background?  the host’s inability to not sing while the biologist is talkin?  jason slowin the poplockin down at the end for the sexicutioner?  peekaboo street??!!  I CANT TAKE IT!!!  lol!

here’s the vid that’s on youtube but itll be taken down soon so here’s the hulu link, too.

bravo, keenan.  you are a weird motherfucker, and i appreciate that.

hair stuff!

ive been meaning to do some hair talk around here for the last, like, month and a half.  i’m still transitioning and trying to get used to home life again, and sometimes it drains all my creative juices and motivations.  i just got outta the shower though and i am COMPLETELY motivated by this awesome hair day i’m havin to share some stuff that ive discovered.  ive got a great pre-shampoo suggestion and a quick review of oyin’s sample pack.

firstly, my hair is natural & curly and i’m not good with the grading stuff, but i think/guess i’m a 3c.  i have a lot of hair, but its relatively fine and as such can be tempramental when dealing with heavier products, especially while wet.  co-washing pretty much doesnt work for me.  it just leaves my hair feelin crazy and lookin crazier.  and dull.  co-washing makes it very dull.  my curl pattern is coily.  i have one main problem area, being the front part of the upper left quadrant of my head.  i dunno what happened or when it happened but the curl pattern there is on life support.  my usual routine is:  sulfate wash once a week, no-poo when needed in the inbetween time; slap in a leave in, moisturizer & finisher (sometimes.. i dont always).  air dry. i wish i had taken some before and after pics, but i didnt 😦

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good ol louisville education.

more shameful national press for Louisville!  yay!

Principal Peeping Tom

Louisville educator screened surveillance video of teen school sex

OCTOBER 8–A Kentucky principal last month screened school surveillance footage showing two teenagers having sex in the lunchroom and provided lurid play-by-play commentary as fellow educators watched the video in his office. In the wake of a probe of his bizarre behavior, Dave Wilson retired last week as head of Louisville Male High School. According to the below redacted witness reports released by Jefferson County Public Schools officials, on September 3 Wilson summoned several co-workers to his office. They arrived to find a darkened room with five chairs pointed toward a large white screen. Using a projector connected to his laptop, Wilson, pictured at right, screened a ten-minute video showing the teens having sex the prior afternoon. “Hey, baby, why don’t you come over here and grab my pencil,” and “It won’t take me long, I am like the minute man,” were two of Wilson’s comments as the video played, according to witnesses. While the pantsless girl, an 11th grade student, sat in the boy’s lap, Wilson slowed the video down and remarked that the group could watch it in slow motion or he could speed the clip up and “make him go even faster.” At the video’s conclusion, Wilson could be seen approaching the teens. One witness reported that “Wilson and others” had been watching the students in real time, and when they “were finished having sex,” Wilson entered the cafeteria to “run the students out of the building.” The school district’s probe of Wilson also turned up allegations that he showed up to school events intoxicated and made inappropriate comments to students and staff. In a September 29 letter, Wilson announced his retirement, effective after he had used up his remaining vacation and personal days. (6 pages)

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oh and also, this teacher?  also from Louisville.  i love my city!