video of the day: drinking out of cups

okay, some background to this video.  obviously lizards can’t talk.  and obviously this is not a real lizard.  the audio is real though; it’s apparently somebody trippin all over himself on acid and just talking completely crazy.  i find this to be excruciatingly hilarious.

this guy thinks he’s Captain Knots.  thinks he’s Captain Tyin-Knots.

who’s this guy, Mr. Balloons.  Mr. Balloon Hands, over here.


2 responses to “video of the day: drinking out of cups

  1. Yesss I was waiting for you to find this gem! One of the funniest videos ever. F.Y.I. Liam Lynch made that 90’s song “United States of Whatever” and he created Sifl and Olly. good stuff

  2. lol “whos chair is that… thats not my chair”

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