problematic song of the day

happy friday, yall!

i was in the car with my homie today when Mary Mary’s ‘God in Me’ came on.  i started bankhead bouncin inside myself cause i forgot how much i loved this song.  it definitely knocks! (do ppl still say that?)

the bad thing is that it may knock (if people still say that) a little too much.  i have this condition where when i hear a good beat, my back involuntarily arches & my hips start rolling without my consent.  that’s not exactly the behavior you want to be exhibiting when listening to a gospel song, im sure. im not well versed in the Bible, but i don’t recall reading ‘Thou shalt backeth that ass up all the way to thine zipper’ anywhere.  correct me if i’m wrong tho.

anyway.  enjoy the song & enjoy ur weekends 🙂

2 responses to “problematic song of the day

  1. nice song

  2. “‘Thou shalt backeth that ass up all the way to thine zipper.” …lol I haven’t picked up a Bible in a while either, but nope, I never saw that one.

    like some person said in comments i saw elsewhere, the beat/instrumental (whatever you want to call it) reminds me of “blame it on the alcohol.”

    …kinda making it -even more- problematic than it just being a song so easy to dance to

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