see ya next year! // blog roll updates!

hi, all!

as u know, 2009 is coming to a close.  i won’t front and pretend like writing here will be at the top of my list in its final days, so i’m declaring an official hiatus til 2010.  to ring in the new year, i am going to clean like a… clean freak (couldn’t get a good metaphor together, sorry) as an added symbollic measure.  the slate is being wiped clean.  not takin none of 2009’s mess, junk, trash or dirt into 2010.

that includes this place too!  it’s a royal mess around here and i’m tired of lookin at the same old paint.  so hopefully come January 1st we’ll get some new digs, and i’ll also finally get my blog roll together, too.

i’ll need your help though!   i cannot for the life of me keep track of who has me in their blog rolls.  i think i asked before and got very little response, so this is the last go-round!  if after this you don’t find yourself in my links, AINT NOBODY’S FAULT BUT YOURN AND THE DEVIL’S!

so!  if i’m in your links and you are not in mine, or if you would like to do some link exchanging, kindly email me with a link to your blog and we can make that happen.

til next year!


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