happy tuesday!


like jazz?

like Bilal?

then get ready to love me and thank the homie Young H at Go In Radio!

he in all his glorious, giving goodness tweeted some stuff by the Terrence Blanchard Group that included a jazzed up version of Bilal’s fantastamzing ‘When Will You Call.’  is it better than the original?  is anything ever better than the original?  it’s really good though, and i just had to share it in the event that any other Bilal fans may see/hear it.  listen/download here.

since listening to that version will probably make you want to hear the original, you can listen to that here.

you welcome!


6 responses to “happy tuesday!

  1. Just chiming in for the 1st time. Found you off of Luvies site. I am a fan of Terrence Blanchard and I like Bilal ok so thanks for the post.
    Happy New Year!

  2. THAT’S what’s up…

  3. I actually saw Blanchard and Bilal perform this live at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans) last summer. Awesome experience! Thanks for posting!

  4. That is definitely in all probability top-of-the-line articles I’ve study inside a very long time, I just wish there have been extra goodies to the net as of late, thanks and will God Bless you my child. LOL

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