gidiot of the day

my 16-year-old niece called me a gidiot once.  my instinct was to get mad, but first i had to ask her wtf a ‘gidiot’ was to see if making fun of her retarded vernacular would be a more appropriate response.  she said that a gidiot was a ‘goofy idiot,’ and… i kinda liked it.

that was the first word that came to my head and out of my mouth when i saw this dude.  he got a huge pair of dirty hipster douchebag glasses tattooed to his face.  to his face.  tattooed there.  forever.

you’ve got your very own star of david now, guy.  or, more appropriately, star of doucheness.  good luck living with that for the rest of your life!

9 responses to “gidiot of the day

  1. theincredibletangentman

    You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses…tattooed on his face would you?

  2. Dazzling Urbanite

    SHAM-WOW. He is an idiot. No words.

  3. ppl are stupid

  4. My kids came up with “Id-jet” for me!
    For the same reason.

    But I don’t do tattoes. I’m not wearin’ my personal pain, agnst (and lack of good judgement) out were everybody can see it! I gots alittle dig-n-ty left (i think).

    • i looove a man with tattoos. i hate anybody with bad tattoos tho. this guy included.

      confession: i have a tramp stamp. it’s awful. i was 18 and only got it b/c my mom told me not to. lol

  5. The cheese has most obviously slid off this fool’s cracker. A long time ago, judging by all the other stuff going on on him.

    @ Lite Bread: Yo, I’mmo let you finish, but “ijit” came from Yosemite Sam and he was the best of all time! 🙂

  6. Ms. Brokey,
    Does it say “Spicy”? LOL

    Here is a SNL skit about that:

    And I’ll learn myself how to spell “angst” too.

    Dactylologist? Don’t tell my kids! I always loved Leg Horn Fog Horn “I say, I resemble that remark!” Yeah, I’m an Id-jet.

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