keith olbermann makes my panties moist.

this has already been established.

but this really, really helped to solidify it.


7 responses to “keith olbermann makes my panties moist.

  1. Amen!

  2. Can I give a second Amen?


    (After I cleaned the vomit off the front of me. Some people just don’t deserve to suck air any longer)

    (And a whiteboy can make yer panties wet?! I’ve got renewed hope for my life …)

    • man, listen. when it comes to fineness, my vaginal lubrication system does not discriminate. ask anderson cooper–he knows!! well, he would know if he would acknowledge my existence when i stalk him on twitter.


    And it’s all in the delivery. His matter-of-fact, reporter-like tone is what makes the diss art.

  4. Yasssss!
    That is all.

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