you are dead to me, Iago the parrot!!!

"squawk! Polly needs some racial sensitivity classes! squawk!"

i have always defended Gilbert Gottfried when people would talk about how annoying and unfunny he was.  i liked him, largely because Aladdin is/was one of my favorite racist ass Disney movies ever, and Gilbert, of course, was the voice of Iago, Jafar’s hatin’ ass, evil ass sidekick.

turns out that evilness followed Gilbert right out of that soundbooth and has been with him ever since, and is illustrated in this audio clip from (which i found via fungkeblakchik via twitter) in which he finds it appropriate to call Barack Obama the quote/unquote n-word.

go listen here.  then come back here so we can rant and rave together.  i’ll wait.



GILBERT JUST WHO IN VOICE IMMODULATED HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!  you gon get on the radio and come out of your face and call *my* boo president a nigger??  what?!  are you freaking serious??!  you really thought it was a good idea let that kind of ugliness come out of your mouth when referencing the everlasting love of my life president???!  oh, word??!!  you for real thought this was a good idea?  you thought it was clever to disrespect MY most delicious fantasy president in such a way??  why?  how did you come to this decision?? when you heard you were gonna be on the radio, did you take some time to yourself to think about what to say to draw some extra attention to yourself?  is this pre-meditated stupidity?  you are DISGUSTING, gilbert gottfried!  as opposed to Obama who i think probably tastes like the cure for cancer with the sweetest hint of agave nectar!  you don’t say shit like that!


even howard freaking stern was like ‘woah, come on now.’  whenever howard freakin stern is like ‘woah, come on now?’ check yourself before you wreck yourself.  well i guess at that point, you’ve already wrecked yourself.  so.. check yourself after you’ve wrecked yourself.  or something.

the point is, gilbert gottfried, i shall defend you no more!  everyone was right about you!  you’re loud and obnoxious and loud and stupid!

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go sing some soothing, comforting songs to my cardboard cutout of Barack in case he’s upset over this.  which he isn’t, because nobody gives a shit what gilbert gottfried thinks.


3 responses to “you are dead to me, Iago the parrot!!!

  1. laf… parrot, served cold. 😉

  2. i never liked him..even as the damn annoying parrot!

  3. I’m always lightweight glad when shit like this happens. Reminds everyone that, yessir, these people are still out there, and in all corners of our society.

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