hi sweetumses!

you may have noticed that the updates have been slow here lately.  if you’re a regular reader, you know that it happens here on occasion.  sometimes life gets in the way and must be lived.  i haven’t forgotten about yall though!

got some great things comin up here!  firstly, it’s almost february.  know what that means?  black history month.  know what THAT means??  it’s time for the BROKEY MCPOVERTY BLACK HISTORY MONTH EXTRAVAGANZA!  woooooooo! if i remember correctly, we had a small scale blast last year.  we’re gonna keep the party goin with the standard feature, Your Nappy Ass Roots, where we learn little known black history month facts both here and at PostBourgie.  and we’ll crown another Mr. Black History Month, and maybe even have a queen this year (now taking nominations!  email me!!).  and we’ll throw some new fun stuff in too.  maybe some interviews.  maybe some long lost black music.  the possibilities are endless!  stay tuned!!

and also, an announcement i’m really excited to make.. i decided some time ago to start a new blog, and i’ve finally gotten off my ass and did it.  well, i’m doing it; it’s not quite ready for its unveiling yet, as i’m still workin on gettin a bootleg-ass logo together (if any designers out there would like to do a little piece of work for free, holler!).  i won’t say what it’s about, but if you stop by here regularly i’m sure you can guess.  look for it in early feb, as part of the extravaganza!

that’s all!  i gotta go back to drooling and having inappropriate thoughts about my president as he talks about politics of the deficit or the cold war or some shit.  i’m not listening.

5 responses to “announcements!


  2. In the interests of Diversity Training, Diversity Acceptance and “Post-Racial America” (and as part of the well-accepted modern tactic of “Preemptive Strike Always” tactics), I want to nominate …


    For Mr. Black History Month.

    It’s about time ya had a 2520 one ov’ ’em.

    In the interests of Inclusiveness you see.

    • sorry, mr. charlie, but we had a white mr. black history month last year. in the interest of affirmative action, he must be black this year. dont worry though! you can celebrate your history every other month this year! crown yourself king of that! 😀

  3. Ms. Brokey,
    LAST YEAR???!!!
    Gawd, why am I always 363 days and $550.00 short in my whole, left-out, never included, life???!!! Well, ok, the $550.00 part ain’t so true. A few things have gone right. But Still! When it comes to other things, its wrong end of the Dukey Stick, Every Time.
    But … BUT …be assured, whoeva he was last year, he ain’t got NOTHIN” on me! I’m the fizzizzeisslle (or sum-thin’)! That’s like tryin’ to compare Robin Thicke to Malibu’s Most Wanted! (don’t ask who’s who on that one …) Or M&M to Vanilla Ice! Maybe I try a different one than that, ok? That’s like comparing Thomas Jefferson to Strom Thurmond … er, maybe not on that one either…
    Hey! Ya know what I mean! I’m HOT! Ok, lukewarm. I’m the Kevin Federline of … wait .. he did a white girl too, didn’t he? Ewww. Scratch that one then, I ain’t EVA been guilty of that. (And what Id-jet Whiteboy gives up a total Babe like Shar Jackson anyway? Geezz, I give away …neva mind).
    My point is: I forgot.
    But I WANTED to be Mr Black sum-in-or-utha, because I’m all worn out bein’ turned down by “I won’t go out with you because of the Difficult HISTORY with 2520 men”.
    Geez, shot down in flames for crap I wasn’t even around for.
    I don’t like History then.
    ‘Cause I can’t change it. Eva

    (Seriously. About the other 11 months? There is too much in history to be ashamed of. I’m not so inclined to espouse it all. I’ll stick with nuclear arms development instead.)

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