um, mars looks gross.

much easier to look at.

i meant to write about this a long time ago, but yeah.  those new pictures of mars that nasa released about a week ago?  i saw them on the huffington post and almost tossed my cookies all over the floor.

im kind of odd.  certain things i can’t look at because they make my skin crawl.  kind of like some people pass out at the sight of needles or blood?  i want to do the same when i see close ups of germs/microorganisms (like in science books or smart people tv shows), close up shots or large groups of bugs, or clusters of holes.

what really bothers me the most of that list are the clusters of holes.  that probably sounds the most ridiculous, and i recognize that, but guess what??  it’s an actual phobia with an actual name, and ive talked to lots of people who have the same aversion!

it’s called trypophobia and i shudder to even have to google it because it always turns up a bunch of disgusting pictures.  it’s loosely defined as a fear of clusters of holes, but the def needs to be a bit more specific, at least for me.  because like the holes in, say, the speakers on a phone receiver don’t bother me at all, nor do the holes of a honeycomb because they’re all symmetrical.  what i have a problem with is a cluster of holes of differing sizes, especially if they’re randomly placed.  my biggest enemy is the lotus seed pod.  ordinarily i’d put up a picture for you but that would mean i’d have to look at it, and i can’t do that for you.  i can give you a link to google though.  look it up your dang self, and while you’re there, google ‘trypophobia’ too, cause i won’t do that either.  but yeah.  lotus seed pods are bad.  and i heard that there’s a frog or a toad or something that somehow burrows its eggs in its back??  my stomach turns even trying to imagine what that looks like.  i think my prob with stuff like this is that it reminds me of a disease.  like it just looks infected, like pus and spiders are just gonna start oozing out of the holes at any minute.  i dunno.  it’s kind of hard to explain.


i mention that because i get the same creepy skin-crawly feeling when i look at these mars pictures.  not to the point that i can’t look at it, but i definitely don’t want to.  i dunno, they make me itch.

actually, no.  i cant look at em.  i was gonna to put some here for you, but.  i’ll just give you the link instead.  this one REALLY fucks me up.

does anybody else have this reaction to stuff like this???  id LOVE to talk about it with other folk who may have it.. am i alone?!

update:  against my better judgement, i googled the damn thing and got smacked in the face with a shitload of lotus seed pods.  FUCK.  anyway, more info can be found here, and apparently there’s even a facebook page for it.

i feel like my insides are dying now.

24 responses to “um, mars looks gross.

  1. 😦 i hate this post and its pictures. i feel sick

  2. I. Am. Right. There. With. You.

    I thought it was just ME!!!! I could never explain it to anyone!

    But since my curiosity got the best of me and I looked at those pictures, not only do I itch, but I’ll be having nightmares tonight, thankyouverymuch.

    There’s a desktop photo that comes on my iMac of the Earth that is beautiful except for the big swirling storm hole in the middle of the frame. Love the pic, HATE that hole. Can’t look at the desktop pic.

    • i was trying to explain to someone today why stuff like this bothers me so much and i failed. all i could come up with was ‘it looks like a disease!!’

      how do u even begin to explain it to somebody?
      if you, personally, had to do it, what would u say?!

  3. **shudders, adds new phobia to list** I share all three of your phobias, in addition to a few other unreasonable ones. Let’s hope that one day I get rich enough to pay someone to keep my neuroses in control, though “hole-blocker” sounds very, very inappropriate.

  4. i don’t have trypophobia, but i do feel for you because i have an insane phobia of clusters of worms/maggots or anything of that nature, as well as just seeing them solo. slugs and snails included. (but not really snakes, those are exempt.) just typing out the names is making me itch and shudder.

    i’ve never heard of your phobia before, but over the years i’ve found that there’s an official phobia name for just about anything and there’s always someone else out there who shares it with you.

    sorry you had to see the pics. i know what surprise pics of phobias can do to you. happens to me all the time when i tune in to animal planet to see some meerkats being cute or watch an animal cop do a puppy mill rescue and they decide to run a commercial for a special on world’s worst insects or something. it’s not fun.

    • yeah, i dont like seein stuff like that either. i visited the museum of natural history in DC last year and, just my luck, they were having some exhibit on the life of bugs or something. i wander unknowingly into the exhibit room to find HUUUUUUGE pictures of hoards and swarms of just about every antennaed creature imaginable. i was gonna just walk out, but i decided not to be a punk and somehow made it though, itching the whole way.

      had that been a room full of pictures of lotus seed pods though? i would have left the ENTIRE museum.

      • AH! *itches more* i’m thinking of myself in that situation hypothetically and i would hope my hypothetical self would notice the banner or whatever announcing said exhibit and recognize i shouldn’t go in, otherwise i would have probably had a panic attack after an unassuming trip inside. i totally would’ve been that girl, aka the phobia-ridden punk.

  5. Awww, you have any idea how much this hurts me personally?
    This all means you’d get all creep’ed out an’ itchy by my scared, pock-marked, teenage acne ravaged face!
    I’m devastated!

    (I do have one phobia … it’s about takin’ a white chick out …)

    • unless your face has actual deep burrowing holes that u can put stuff inside of, you’re fine.

      i just gagged at the thought of someone with a face that looks like a lotus seed pod. 😦

  6. It’s good to know I’m not the only person who has a tummy that does flip flops when seeing gross pictures! I knew I shouldn’t have looked @ the one that you said really fucked you up, but I did. Now I won’t eat for at least 24 hours. Gross. I have GOT to get over this fear of gross looking crap!

  7. I think this must be a total “chick thang”.
    ‘Cause guys like things with holes they can put something in.

    (“Did 2520boy just SAY that???!!!”)

  8. Ew, this entire page just gave me the e-heebiejeebus. Those pics were GROSS. I can’t say I have a “fear” of those things, but I do tend to itch when I see ish like that (I googled trypophobia and I feel like someone just splashed itching powder on me). I hate clumps of just about anything, especially creepy crawlers or bumps on the skin. *Montogomery Burns shudder* I think I’m a masochist because even though I know dayum well I hate looking at it and it will give me the heebies, I look anyway and then hate myself for it afterwards. I’m just a nosy bish, though. O_O

  9. iCan’t with the following in order of severity:
    eyeballs (and I’m a nurse…go figure)

    clowns *shudder* are of the devil.

  10. I was just sent this email today about washing your bra when in south africa?? and the attachment was of a photoshoped boob with holes and magets!!! so jacked with me all day, because I have always been upset with cluster of holes, but this, this email sent me into a frenzy I had to start googling it.

  11. I’m not “afraid” of clowns per-se, but I CAN’T STAND mimes! They really bother me, with they non-talking white faced selves….

    My son has an aversion to scrambled digital images…like when the cable messes up during a storm….creeps him out (he’s 12).

    I have an irrational fear of being attacked by wild animals….birds, squirrels, bears…

    • LOL. i dont like mimes because they remind me of French people, and i don’t like French people for reasons that i will not disclose, but i will say that it concerns a walrus, a broken violin, and a hunk of stinky cheese. i feel the same way about clowns, though. it’s the whole painted face thing. like, what are you hiding under there?? what are you plotting? WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS?!

      and squirrels are little furry jerkbastards who will fuck you up (physically, mentally, etc) any and every chance they get. im not scared of them, i just hate their lives out. i feel u tho.

  12. OMG it has a name!!! I thought was just me. I got that same email about the bra’s and Africa and it disturbed my spirit for about 3 weeks. I promptly called and cussed out my cousin who sent it to me. I’d just wake up out of a deep sleep scratching the girls! Who knew it was an actual phobia.

  13. I wouldn’t call it a phobia but groups of holes creeps me the fuck out! I’ve got 3 gross stories to tell.

    1. I’m in an ornithology class (study of birds). The other week we were discussing something about woodpeckers and the teacher showed a picture of a tree a woodpecker had mangled. It made a hundred same sized evenly spaced holes. Even though I knew where the holes came from it still made me think about diseases and parasites. I couldn’t look again until he changed the slide.

    2. In high school I was in marching band. We went to some other school and were in a practice area before we performed. There were thousands of dime sized holes in the muddy ground. It looked like a zillion little creatures had hatched out of their evil little eggs and went off to wreak havok. I was itching and was starting to get dizzy, lightheaded, and nauseous before someone told me those holes came from the football players cleats. I probably would have fainted if no one told me.

    3. Watched a true ER stories show a few years ago. This woman had some slimy wormlike bugs coming out of her scalp every few minutes. There was only one hole but it was truly disgusting. In the reenactment they showed bug-slime bubbling and oozing out of the hole. I itched, scratched (hard), sweated, and cried but I couldn’t turn the channel until I knew where the bugs came from. I had to torture myself for an hour before they finally said they didn’t know how the bugs got in her head. It took me another hour after that to calm down.

    …ok, maybe I do have a phobia…

  14. i honestly thought all black people were like this. we are a scary people when it comes to germs, water and dogs.

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