your nappy ass roots: Doc Louis

awwwww yeah!  welcome to black history month, suckas!  we’re gonna get this crazy train rollin with our first installment of Your Nappy Ass Roots, a segment that spotlights little known black history facts that they don’t teach you in schools.

we’ll start by taking a look at Doc Louis, Little Mac‘s trainer in the popular Nintendo boxing series Punch-Out!!, and the first openly gay black video game character in Nintendo’s history.

double entendre like a motherfucker.

Formerly a heavyweight boxer, Jerome “Doc” Louis’ presence achieved fame in the United States around 1954.  Decades later, Doc, now coaching the sport, has a chance encounter with a young fighter named Little Mac, who has aspirations to box professionally. Louis agrees to take charge of Mac, teaching him everything there is to know about boxing.   Now, via Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! , other players can actually train against him as part of gameplay.

Between Little Mac’s rounds, Doc can be seen in the corner offering words of encouragement and making thinly veiled sexual references via discussion of “chocolate bars,” a well known reference to black penises.  Throughout the game, he makes such statements as “Don’t cry, Mac.  Here, I’ll let you have some of my chocolate bar,” and “As soon as I find out how he got so big, I’m gonna have the same thing done to my chocolate bar!”  No really, he says these things.  He officially came out after confiding his secret to Little Mac during one of these mid-match chats.

In 1996, Doc Louis was honored by the National Association of Gay Black Nintendo Characters for his trailblazing.  This pretty much meant that Doc gave the award to himself, as there are no other black Nintendo characters.

this has been Your Nappy Ass Roots.  when you comb through that shit, you never know what you’ll find.  harambee!

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3 responses to “your nappy ass roots: Doc Louis

  1. LMAO!!! At the chocolate bar references. Especially the one where he says Granny will let him all the chocolate bars he wants. The other about eating it sideways was toooo much.

  2. LMFAO this is classic. And your Tumblr slays and resurrects me daily

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