black history month quickies!

one of these people invented Grape Drink. guess who?

koochiechakakhan, everybody!

to supplement the longer looks we’re taking into our unknown black history via Your Nappy Ass Roots, i thought i’d act on my good buddy kenan‘s suggesion and set up a little tumbler to blast some quick little known facts for everybody as we boogie on down in this black history month extravaganza.  i’ve been doing it via twitter, but if you’re lame and not following me yet, you missed em!

so for your convenience, pleasure, and cultural IQ, here you go.  each one teach one, brothers and sisters.


Brokey “I Cast Off my Slave Name” McPoverty


5 responses to “black history month quickies!

  1. Uh … I have ta hav’ one of ’em portable-like phones fer Twit-Her (Ow! I Wish!), right?
    OK … time ta dig up Jay-Z and …
    “I got 99 Problems …”
    ‘Cause now I got 1 more …missin’ out on yer best stuff, ’cause my “white privilege” ain’t goin’ so far as a cell phone plan that’ll let me “Sit at the Counter” on this one …
    Can I use yours?

  2. Ms. Brokey “My hair Pressed ta Kill” McPoverty,
    Is that Shirley Chisholm in that pic?!
    She a Hot Babe, I always thought. Got that Segzy Intelligent thang goin’ on …

    Lite Bread X

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