presenting: Miss Black History Month!

glory be!  it’s only day 3 of the black history month extravaganza and we’ve ALREADY got a head on which to place the crown of Miss Black History Month.

i give to you, ladies and gentlemen, your Queen February… whoever this is.



6 responses to “presenting: Miss Black History Month!

  1. Ms. Brokey?
    Shouldn’t a “Queen to be”, well, you know, Be a Real Queen so to speak.
    (I plagiarized this from Awesome Luvvie. Though that IS what the ‘Net all ‘bout anyways).
    Only Miss Honey will do:

    Lite “If I grow my hair real long, refuse to wash it, get it all matted and nasty and stanky and tangled-up all over my dirty head, does this qualify as Whiteboy-Dreadlocks” Bread X

    • i can’t so-sign miss honey’s beehive. plus, miss honey lacks a tshirt displaying his status and the threat he poses as an educated black woman. this month is all about positivity, my marshmellowy brotha. asian kid wins!

  2. LMAO! Between you and Luvvie this month is going to all kinds foolishness.

  3. …woof, woof, woof, woof

    […no, like a big dog!]


    *hops out on one leg*

  4. Brokey, not to jack your comments, but….

    Litey, I sweahfogawd if you pull some white boy dredlock wanna be mess, I will find you and beat you in your sleep with a sock full of rolled change!!
    You hear me, mister!!

    We may be melanin challenged, that doesn’t mean we’re mentally challenged!

    Ok…sorry bout that, Brokey. I’ll show myself out.

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