does Tiger Woods owe you an apology?

i drew up a quick flow chart to help you determine whether he does or not.  you’re welcome.

50 responses to “does Tiger Woods owe you an apology?

  1. LMAO!!!!

  2. This is GLORIOUS!!!

  3. oH Mi Lord. This flowchart MADE MY DAY!! thank you so much

  4. This is comedy, thanks for the link!!!

  5. Then again, doesn’t he owe us all an apology for the non-stop wall-to-wall coverage of his private life?

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  7. All of these mistresses deserve NO apology. IN FACT all of these mistresses should be sending letters of apology to Tiger’s wife and children! They all should had said NO!

  8. I loved the flowchart and it is 100% on board!

  9. That is the greatest flow chart in the history of flow charts! *done for*

  10. I came over from Pandagon and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

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  13. *slow claps into a standing O*

    yes! yes! *tiger woods fist pump*


    that is all.

  15. Funny, but … the apology to golf doesn’t get the respect back. Tiger has proven he’s no Bobby Jones or Jack Nicklaus — at best he’s golf’s Pete Rose. Don’t care? Then you also don’t care that golf is a game of character separate from the drugs-sex-violence-cheating sordid behavior or “celebetes” in other big-money pro sports.

  16. @aceputt The only difference between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods is that Woods’ junk got aired out. Miss me w/ that “apology to golf-sordid behavior” nonsense. Golf wants/needs Tiger back bad.

  17. “Woods’ junk got aired out.”

    donnie, that’s what caused the problem in the first place.

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  19. this. is. hilarious!

  20. LMAO! What got me was that the other three boxes say “Tiger Woods” but the ‘no’ box is just “Tiger”. Like you get real familiar when you’re giving somebody the business, huh? It’s official…I am in love with you. I fell in deep like with the John Meyer post, but this now it’s bona fide amore. Ring size please?

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  22. I sent an e-mail to offer my opinion about “Does Tiger Woods owe you an apology?”
    it was sent the 19th after 6:00 am.
    I submit it once. Made corrections and sent it again? Was it received.

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  24. artisticfootprint

    haha that’s an awesome flowchart. I wrote something about tiger and other celebrities and how the media is a mockery of our interests 🙂 :

    hope you like:

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  27. It’s quite true

  28. LOL, “golf is a game of character.” It’s another freakin’ sport, you idiot … and one that causes massive environmental devastation at that.

    Idiot sports fans.

    And, Eileen, the mistress[es] didn’t make any vows to Elin Nordgren or to her and Tiger’s kids. How about we hold MEN responsible for what they do with their dicks for a change?

  29. This flowchart speaks a lot of truth. It’s just missing its accompaniment, Is It Worth Your Time to Defend Tiger Woods?

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  37. We all still fans of Tiger Woods. I think nobody is perfect. Tiger is a good player, in sports or in his private.

  38. This is very interesting chart. I think Tiger needs to follow through his plan of recovery and reconciliation.

  39. Thanks for post from Australia


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