super major huge big time announcement!

okay, i’ve been trying to drum up excitement for this announcement all morning.  jury’s still out on how effective i’ve been thus far.  anyway, i wanted to announce something to the whole of the internetwebs.. i was going to wait until next month, but there’s been a surge in traffic here as of late, so i figured why not put the line in the water now in hopes that it’d catch the interest of a few more folks.

so.  i’ve been threatening to start a new blog for a few months now, and i’ve finally laid the groundwork.  official launch isn’t until March 1st, but i’ll share the prelims with you.  ladies and gentlepeople, i give you…. Splackavellie Central:  Ridiculous Moments in R&B and Beyond, named after one of my favorite dumb ass r&b songs.

did you just piss your knickers with excitement??!  I KNOW!!!  me too!!!

shout out to george deron for the fancy logo!


9 responses to “super major huge big time announcement!

  1. I already know I’ma love it cause you named it Splackavellie (everytime I want to use that I have to sing the damn song to make sure I spelled it right).

    Meanwhile, did you know that song had a vidjo!?!? I had no idea.

  2. Lawd ha’ mercy @ that rachet ass Keyshia Colr ponytail in the banner lmao

    Can’t wait. Adding that to my Google Reader imeejiately.

  3. Yes, Mari Morrow was in that video. Shemar Moore may have been too, but I could just be imagining that. It seems like he shoulda been in it, tho.

  4. Looking forward this 🙂

  5. already added to google reader. cannot wait. and i vote yes for it living up to the drummed up hype on twitter 🙂

  6. Oh YES.

  7. **falls the f*ck out** YESSSS I been waiting on this, Jesus!

  8. HECK YES!!! lol awersum.

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