your nappy ass roots: Roosevelt Franklin

brought to you by the letters R, G, and B.

Roosevelt Franklin was a member of the cast of Sesame Street in the early 1970s.  A revolutionary character, Roosevelt was believed to be African-American based on the way he spoke and his propensity to sing/dance/rhyme/scat in normal conversation.  He was founder of Roosevelt Franklin Elementary school, wherein he taught his pupils, also believed to be black for the same reasons, lessons in black pride and nationalism, an agenda considered radical by the other residents of Sesame Street.  In one of his most famous, daring lessons, Roosevelt taught his pupils about Africa in an attempt to erase the stereotypical imagery planted in their heads by western media.

Shortly after this lesson aired, Roosevelt Franklin was found shot to death in his dressing room.  No one was ever arrested, but 5 large, yellow feathers were found at the crime scene.


12 responses to “your nappy ass roots: Roosevelt Franklin

  1. Damn, even Black muppets were oppressed. We’ve come so far, yet still have so far to go.

    Thank you for all you were and all you did, Roosevelt Franklin.

  2. LMAO just when I thought you couldn’t top Zack, here comes this foolery. ..

    Incidentally, my hair looks EXACTLY like Roosevelt’s since I attempted my second Big Chop Saturday night. I have a long way to go on my natural journey, and I suspect it’s going to involve many, many hats.

  3. LOL. Ahhh, memories.

  4. Only you could find something like that. Wow, where did u find that? My name is Clever. Your site happens to be one of my favorites. I am looking to do more networking with fellow bloggers and I would also like to bring more awareness and traffic to my site and its content. Please check out The purpose of my site is to help dispel negative stereotypes about Black culture by proving we are not the one-dimensional people the media portrays us to be. I am here to highlight positive people and experiences in the Black community and to provoke positive thought and dialogue between Black men and women and ALL people who are interested.
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    Thank you,

  5. Ms. Brokey?
    My hair always looks kinda like that. Does that mean???!!!
    I got some “nappy-ass roots” too???!!!

    Wait’ll my kiddie’s learn they’ve stepped it up to 3/4 instead of ‘biracial’. Wow!

  6. And Ms. Brokey?
    Why do it say …
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    You don’t trust me no more? After all I done fer you?

  7. OMG! I forgot all about Franklin. You know Prairie Dawn tried to throw the blame on Big Bird.

  8. I’m feeling all types of ways about that clip….I never saw that growing up…or I don’t remember it…it was good though…

  9. Thanks for this clip! I love it, appreciate Roosevelt’s education of the masses

  10. WOW…that was all types of interesting. I don’t recall Roosevelt being on Sesame Street but I didn’t watch that often. Roosevelt is one of the blackest names now tho…so I guess it makes sense.

  11. Looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy.

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