in case you missed this

and you probably did-

my dorkalicious friend Adam left the following comment after one of the responses from the entry on race, humor, and subjectivity.  i thought it was too funny to  let lie in the boneyard.


Yes, I agree. Humor has no place in advancing social justice; in fact its logical endpoint can be only fascism. Every social critic is fond of citing the fact that Hitler came to power through democracy, but few recall that this man ended every marathon speech with a “got yer nose” perpetrated on the nearest diplomat, to mammoth laughter. In fact, the first vote he ever won was in an amateur comedy night competition as the one-man improv comedy troupe “Just in the (Mu)Nich of Time”.

Also, I resent the fact that your use of the “Mc” suffix implies that people of scotch-Irish decent are poor and unthrifty with finance. Refer to Gangs of New York, my friend! And I’ll have you (and all my detractors!) know that haggis-based currency will rise again!


Lite Bread, looks like you got some competition for best white commenting dude!

5 responses to “in case you missed this

  1. Ms. Brokey,
    That’s a very dangerous thing ya just did there. I mean, I Mean, I (as in Lite Bread X!) get a FRONT PAGE mention???!!!
    And as far as “competition” for “dorkalicious”, uh, no way. I am the Supreme 2520 Dork!
    Ask my kid’s. Or co-workers. Or girl’s who’ve dated me (though that’s a short-list right’s about now …)
    “Adam” whoeva yer are, we got’s a Playground Beef now! Gonna ‘write’ a Rap song about it!
    Watch yer back like Biggie now! No dissin’ and frontin’ on my block!

    (And the “Just in the (Mu)Nich of Time” had me laughing so hard. Brill-e-ant!)

  2. ….aaaannnnnnd Litey’s chain has officially been yanked. Let the foolishment commence…

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