Monthly Archives: March 2010

why, lord?

why hast thou forsaken my eardrums?

okay.  the good news:  she looks cute in her Miley Cyrus dress.

bad news is as follows:  she sounds like a dying goat who just gargled with acid.

i have to say, i do appreciate the random homie breakin it down on stage next to her tho.  lol

can’t remember, but im pretty sure i saw this first @ creolepimp.


hey.  see that up there?  do you know what that is?

that is a Chicken Little.  if you don’t know what i’m talkin about, then it’s sad times for you because they’re extinct.  and here’s why you should be outraged:

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in honor of women’s history month

i’d like to salute Miss Alfreda Hill, our nation’s first crowned Miss Black Person USA.

she black!  ain’t nothin wrong wit that!

oh, louisville.

it was good while it lasted, i guess.

at least we were a worldwide trending topic for a few hours.

fucking cardinals.  😦

your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

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RIP, Biggie!

17 yr. old Biggie on Fulton St. in NY, via Talib Kweli via twitter.

fun with google image search: Steve Harvey Suits

i was reminded of the ridiculous extraness of Steve Harvey’s suits today while workin on today’s post at SplackCent that required me to google the phrase ‘steve harvey suit.’  it’s quite a varied collection, with myriad colors and sizes to choose from.


Available Colors:

•Oh Lawd Lavendar
•Rench Around Red
•Have Mercy Mauve

Available Sizes:

•I Remember When Ike Hit Tina
•I Remember When Teddy P Hit That Tree
•I Remember When Marion Berry Hit That Pipe

Special Offer: Half off a pair of Gators in Righteous Robin’s Egg Blue

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