fun with google image search: Steve Harvey Suits

i was reminded of the ridiculous extraness of Steve Harvey’s suits today while workin on today’s post at SplackCent that required me to google the phrase ‘steve harvey suit.’  it’s quite a varied collection, with myriad colors and sizes to choose from.


Available Colors:

•Oh Lawd Lavendar
•Rench Around Red
•Have Mercy Mauve

Available Sizes:

•I Remember When Ike Hit Tina
•I Remember When Teddy P Hit That Tree
•I Remember When Marion Berry Hit That Pipe

Special Offer: Half off a pair of Gators in Righteous Robin’s Egg Blue


Available Colors:

•Little Green Tree Air Freshener
•Crown Royal Bag
•Kool-Aid Red

Available Sizes:

•Teen Night at Syl’s Lounge
•Grown Ass Easter Sunday
•Old Man in the Club

Special Offer: Free matching du-rag


Available Colors:

•High Yella
•Burnt Biscuit Bottom Black

Available Sizes:

•Man Man’s GED Graduation
•Big Mama’s Funeral
•Baby’s First Court Appearance

Special Offer: Complimentary pair of church socks to wear with your sandals


Available Colors:

•Cameo’s Codpiece Black
•Whisper’s Mustache Black
•Black Black Blackity Black Black

Available Sizes:

•Big Luther
•Little Luther

Special Offer: Free “Float On” cassingle


Available Colors:

•Sister Odell’s Favorite Sunday Hat (pictured)
•Huggy Bear’s Goldfish
•Collard Green

Available Sizes:

•1st Trip to the Maury Show
•2nd Trip to the Maury Show
•Fuck It, I’ll Just Pay Child Support

Special Offer: Big Mama’s secret Chittlin Loaf recipe

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21 responses to “fun with google image search: Steve Harvey Suits

  1. OMG.

    Thank you for slaying my soul before lunch time.

  2. Man, this made my day because I JUST saw a Steve Harvey suit at an open house for a rental. My sis and I are always clowning them folks. They be all, “Ya’ll don’t know nuttin ’bout this right here. *steps out toe* Stacey Adams! I look shaaaahhhp.”

  3. theblackwhole

    OK…We ONLY jus’ found out ’bout Yer Blog wit dat “Tiger Flow Chart” post…but NOW…afta gettin’ da updatez on Yer new postz, We startin’ 2 think dat U are PURE Genius…

    We couldn’t believe da “Steve Harvey Collection” wuz real UNTIL We click’d on one a’ da linkz…

    MY GAWD…how gaudy!

    !{ ( 8K

  4. I hate you for making me spit red Kool-Aid at my monitor.

    That is all. 🙂

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  6. I have always admired men who have the balls to dress like that.

  7. *something resembling DEAD*

  8. I don’t think that’s what the song meant, when it said Jesus wants us for a rainbow.

  9. See, this is why I can only read your blog on the weekend. Got me cackling and spilling wine everywhere!

  10. Cadillac pimpin’ …

  11. that was the most awesome thing I have ever read… my soul is merked…

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  15. I need to cop one of these to hit the cabaret at the Elks’ Lodge.

    Which one would go best with a snifter of Crown Royal?

  16. this was hilarious.

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