your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

you have bfnh to thank/hate for this sadness.  see more here.  and it’ll be in my blogroll should u ever need to revisit it.

6 responses to “your mom is at the club.

  1. What is up with these parched mouth brawds wearing pantyhose as outfits?!?! iBlame Beyakki…

  2. I pray to god that I NEVER feel the need to revisit this.

  3. seriously, when did bodystockings (lingerie) become appropriate club wear?!?!

  4. Ms. Brokey,
    That Thang stickin’ in the camera, with the purple and black stripes Scared Me! (probably “scarred” me too, lol)

    Now you need “Your Dad’s in the Club. Tryin’ to hit on the Youngin’s .. come get him please”

  5. Ugh…. These chicks are fine with being 3rd & 4th rate “video chicks”… Must be a horribly empty feeling… Homegirl in the last photo – her toes are hanging like 2 full inches off the dang shoe… smh

  6. ROFL I’d venture to say that the commentary on the pics makes this even better. Dude in the back on the last pic is all “see no evil, speak no evil” hahahaha

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