why, lord?

why hast thou forsaken my eardrums?

okay.  the good news:  she looks cute in her Miley Cyrus dress.

bad news is as follows:  she sounds like a dying goat who just gargled with acid.

i have to say, i do appreciate the random homie breakin it down on stage next to her tho.  lol

can’t remember, but im pretty sure i saw this first @ creolepimp.

6 responses to “why, lord?

  1. Okay Brokey, I don’t think she sounds as bad as you said. The way you were describing her I expected her to be screechy and just an all out mess. True she’s not the best young singer I’ve heard but get her some vocal lessons and she could be a pretty good performer. She does have quite a stage presence and the background dancers ain’t so bad.

  2. OMG to tha LOL, that’s a tough act to follow… I think that I may have found my new favorite song lyric

  3. Ummmmm…. She’s got a lot of energy?

    Seriously, she’s not *that* bad. She and her “people” just think she’s better than she actually is.

    I think if she could just get her voice under control while dancing she’d be a’ight. Right now she’s trying to do too much at once.

  4. Um, this was awful. That took up 2.5 minutes of my life that can never be reclaimed, but I couldn’t stop watching! It was like a train wreck! lol

  5. BOOOOOOO! Worst thing I’ve ever heard. I hear a lot of people that Jesus himself could not convince that they are terrible. She has made the list.

    They should play just the audio back and see what she says. “Omg, this is awful! Who is this?” “That’s you darling.”

  6. I was waiting for the Sandman to come and get her.

    This is why I missed the Apollo. It was worth it to have Luther Vandross get booed (he eventually made it, right?) to have drivel like this blocked too.

    OMG to the LOL I think her voice is straight from Hell…

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