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hiatus part 43546573!

hey, baby loves!

im still alive!

ive been super busy and drained lately, and as a result ive been treating this place like a cockeyed redheaded stepchild. im sorry 😦  ive got good news and bad news though:

good news first:  im quitting my job!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  that means more time to write and not neglect my cockeyed baby anymore!

bad news:  im quitting my job!!  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  that means i will starve to death and have to p-pop for spare change at bus stations just to get by!

still though, im excited.  i got two weeks left and then it is, as the French say, on and popping.

so come back in two weeks and look for stuff!  in the meantime, read Splackavellie Central!  read PostBourgie!  send me some money cause im broke!!

don’t ask me how i found this.

just don’t.

…say hi to Cora.  (no nudity, but still not work safe)

and if you can still stand it, say hi to her homegirl Jazzy, who is possiby one of the laziest stripper types in the business.  highlights:  the i-almost-fell wobble at 0:52 and the random unnecessary leg “kick” at 1:12.

girl, that’s a bootyhole!

(work safe)

ladies: got your Easter dress yet?

were you feeling a little left out while looking at the hot slammin fashions in Steve Harvey’s Easter Pimp line?  well pick your faces up, lovelies!  Steve  Harvey has not forgotten you.  just in time for Easter 2010, Steve Harvey presents:  Steve Harvey’s Saved and Sexy Church Suit and Accessory Collection.  it includes skirt suits, pant suits (for the non-traditional woman), and of course, hats.  in case you are the type of grown ass woman to still get new outfits and hair for Easter and haven’t gotten yours yet, here are a few pieces to get you inspired.


Sister, you are fresh as a new spring daffodil.  You are bright and radiant as God’s promise to the world.  You are yellow as Sister Cora’s potato salad (you told her she uses too much mustard, but did she listen?). You are beautiful!  Are they hating?  Don’t worry, girl.  They talked about Jesus, too.

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my first husband/baby daddy cannot be Muslim

beacuse i am SO getting our percious bundle/little bastard one of these.

let me keep it funky tho.  i might get one for myself.  right now.

many many thanks to p_rn_ll @ marveloustimes for this.