don’t ask me how i found this.

just don’t.

…say hi to Cora.  (no nudity, but still not work safe)

and if you can still stand it, say hi to her homegirl Jazzy, who is possiby one of the laziest stripper types in the business.  highlights:  the i-almost-fell wobble at 0:52 and the random unnecessary leg “kick” at 1:12.

16 responses to “don’t ask me how i found this.

  1. This is a hot ghetto mess. The cheap hotel room, the “stripper” lookin mad uncomfortable wit her big ass tryina do spread eagle in that lil ass chair. And then her comment about the pants when ol dude was like take ’em off, “you want them all the way off….if that’s what you like” Bish, what the hell?? Brokey, I really wanna know the story of how you stumbled on this one.

  2. All i can imagine is the entre spicy extra crispy bucket of chicken she scarfed down five minutes prior and is now whirling around her stomach as she gyrated… slowly.

  3. We COULDN”T even finish watchin’ da vid…We were tooooooo scared to.

    STILL da 30 secondz or so we managed to get through may HAUNT Us 4 life!

    Datz’ NOT da kinda “kitty” We had in mind!

    But THIS Iz…

    = )

  4. Ms. Brokey,
    Dude, at 1:17 says “I’m tryin’ to be a Professional here”.

    I’m gonna have nightmares over this now ….

    (PS. That phone number at the beginning is disconnected. Damn.)

  5. Imma brick house doh. Oh wow!!!

  6. Dactylologist

    Damnit, Brokey!

    My face is STILL screwed up over that mess! But like a horrible trainwreck, I. Couldn’t. Stop. Watching.

    My eyes! Oh, the horror!

    And why were her armpits/thighs all burnt like that and she regular showing that mess off?!

    Cocoa butter and a loofah. That is all.


  7. Dactylologist

    WAIT!!!!! Hol’ up, HOL’ UP!!!!!

    That bish was TWENTY?! Years old?!

  8. Tha hell???? You’re grounded.

  9. This reminds me… my computer has a built in camera. Where you think I can order one of them lavender leotards? Where can I learn to suck my fingers like that? Think I can arrange to get paid in Filet of fish sandwiches?

    Thank you for consistently inspiring me, Brokey. Always looking out for us black girls.

  10. Oh no! Dude was like “yeh, yeh…” Ew no! Lmao I got 2 min in then I couldn’t.

  11. I was unabkle to find that outfit. What beauty supply did that come from?

  12. @roxy: that thing *is* the same color, and probably the same color, as my bedtime head scarf…

  13. i can’t.

  14. Ms. Brokey?
    Can you take that THANG down now? Every time I open this here website, that flashes up on the screen, ass-backward, with that purple dental-floss between it’s cheeks!

    It’s frying brain cells now …

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