hiatus part 43546573!

hey, baby loves!

im still alive!

ive been super busy and drained lately, and as a result ive been treating this place like a cockeyed redheaded stepchild. im sorry 😦  ive got good news and bad news though:

good news first:  im quitting my job!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  that means more time to write and not neglect my cockeyed baby anymore!

bad news:  im quitting my job!!  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  that means i will starve to death and have to p-pop for spare change at bus stations just to get by!

still though, im excited.  i got two weeks left and then it is, as the French say, on and popping.

so come back in two weeks and look for stuff!  in the meantime, read Splackavellie Central!  read PostBourgie!  send me some money cause im broke!!

3 responses to “hiatus part 43546573!

  1. Ms. Brokey – No-More!
    I got a check from Nigeria I could send to you to help out!
    It’s for a few million.

    All I need is your Direct Deposit info, verification with a SS#, a working Credit Card (with the 3-digit Security Code on the back) and $100.00 to start the transfer from the Interior Upper Kainji Reservoir Agricultural First Deposit Bank of Nigeria, NA.

    Oh, and a cell number and street address (where ya live), so I can begin ‘drivin’ by yo house so you don’t leave me like that’.
    Oooops, that’s for Spackavellie.

  2. Ok, girl! Do what you gotta do!

    Much luck to you and your hustle!

  3. Hooray! More Brokey! More time to work on the novel?

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