12 responses to “wait.

  1. Thundercats, Ho.

  2. According to Facebook, there are 155 Cheetaras, which is about 155 too many.

    • this makes me immeasurably sad.

      i was trying to figure out if this was just a coincidence. like she was born before Thundercats debuted and thought she was being original (she pronounced it SHE-tara).

      but i really feel in my heart that all this happened everybody knew that Cheetara was a chick Thundercat in a leotard.


  3. Nooooooooo. 4 year old joy cries. I’m surprised her sister isn’t named she-ra.

  4. @Charles270
    *dead n buried*

  5. How is this life? This seems like the type of person who would name their kids She-ra and Xena. All in the hopes of them becoming strong women.

  6. Does it make me a dork that as soon as I saw the name “Cheetara” I knew a link to the Thundercats were involved?

    Panthro was gangsta.

  7. true story…i used to live next door to some kids named:
    Twins Girl: Mercedes Boy: Benz
    baby brother: Maseratti

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