two things you should absolutely be doing.

1 – you should definitely be watching Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV.  as much as i big up this show, you’d think they’re paying me for it.  nope.  it’s just the most awesome show ever created.  read my description of the show here; check out the show’s actual website up there.

2 – you should most assuredly be checking Splackavellie Central every week for the r&b version of this show, creatively named Deadlies R&B Warrior.  it’s pretty much what you expect.  each week, two r&b superstars are pitted against each other and they fight to ther motherfucking death (in my imagination).  episode 1 was al b. sure vs ginuwine.  episode 2 just went up:  jodeci vs. silk.

check em out!  i put up a notice here @ bmcp just in case yall aren’t checking Splackavellie Central.  and if you’re not checking Splackavellie Central, I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!

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