while we’re all mad at miley

seriously. are you *really* that surprised?

while we’re all angry at miley for backing it up all the way to the zipper on some 44 year old dude, can we please take a few moments to remember to be mad at the nasty ass 44 year old who KNEW that she was 16 and got his wee-wee rub on anyway?

i mean who cares about the way she was dancing.  she’s 16.  or 17 or whatever.  generations never approve of the pop culture of the ones that come after them.  your parents didn’t approve of the way you danced at 16 either, i don’t care if you were a flapper doing the charleston or on an HBCU campus doin the butt.  that’s just how it goes.

but THIS nasty son of a bastard just toots his pelvis forward and says ‘yeaaaahhh, little 16 year old girl!  my 45 year old penis is thoroughly enjoying this!’

i mean miley shouldn’t be rubbing her booty butt cheeks on a grown man anyway and she definitely have a finger wagged her way, but that dude needs at least 4 in his face.  balled up in a fist first.


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4 responses to “while we’re all mad at miley

  1. Billy Ray should have put a foot in his Achy Breaky hindquarters.

    You’re on point with this one…

  2. Billy said “that’s what kids her age do.” And he’s right. Just not on 44 year olds. I don’t even wanna dance all on a 44 tear old, and I’m 10 yrs older than that girl. That’s just gross. Even if I was dancing with a teen, we’d be doing a 2 step, a foot apart.

  3. I can dig why everyone’s upset. Yeah, that guy is hella old. But where were the parents? If they parents were there & condoned it, then why should we care?

    Secondly, I believe that the Hollywood “16” isn’t the same as regular old person “16”. It might be the same in the eyes of the law, but we have to consider that the child stars grow up at an earlier age. She’s probably 22 on the inside.


    Apparently, the dude is gay, but it still makes it wrong!

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