these links go to 11.

5 points and a gold star for anyone who gets that reference.

meanwhile, in the internet:


7 responses to “these links go to 11.

  1. spinal tap

  2. LOL.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. My big question is how did you two (Ms. Brokey and Bellapants) know THAT one, lol?
    “Most Amps go up to 10?

    For when they needed to push it off the cliff …
    Showing that classic to people who don’t know is as funny as the movie … “These guys for real?!”

  4. Woooo! Hold yer horses before you go pullin’ the Race Card on me girl.

    In, fact, why you go there?

    I was thinking about AGE, ok?
    That Spinal Tap ain’t young anymore (kinda like me).

    • (Editorial Disclaimer: The above comment from Lite Bread shall be understood Only in the context of the fact we’re sure the lovely Ms. Brokey was Joking. Hence Lite Bread was too.
      If anyone was unduly offended by the Race Card comment, please stop reading it. You’ll feel better.
      Thx. The Knucklehead.)

  5. Do I get points for having “This Is Spinal Tap” on DVD?

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