hamshamalndma ahmshamalamdama thank ya!!

finally!  after months and months of spending endless creative energy trying to figure out the quickest route to internet stardom, i did it!  i finally got a #1 world wide trending topic on teh twitterz!  w00t!

*Brother Franklins around the room*

when you click to enlarge the picture, you’ll see that the topic was “inappropriate church songs.”  these songs include such hits as:

  • Feelin on yo’ Bible
  • My Check, My Tax (Pay My Tithes Just Like That)
  • Bitch Please (Go to Church)
  • Church Hat & My Crucifix On (via)
  • All I Wanna Do Is Zoom-a Zoom Zoom Zoom In Your Church Pew (via)
  • I Bet the Neighbors Hear My Praise
  • Jesus Swaggin’ on You Hoes
  • What These Bitches Want From My Jesus (via)
  • Change Gon’ Come (From This $10 I Put in the Collection Plate)
  • Half on a Offering
  • Move Bitch (Get Up and Pray) (via)
  • You Remind Me of my God (I Wanna Praise Ya)
  • Crank Dat Altar Boy
  • Yall Gon Make Me Praise My God (Up In Here)
  • You Gon Think I Invented Church (via)
  • Let Me Praise You Up & Down (Til You Say Stop)
  • I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong (With a Little Jesus Wine) (via)
  • Jesus Had Foes (In Different Area Codes)
  • Face Down, Palms Up (That’s the Way I Like to Pray)
  • Ms. Fat Bible
  • Say Ahhhleluia (via)
  • Me So Holy (via)

and more!  if you missed it, you should be following everybody linked up there, particularly dopegirlfresh and invincewil.  and myself.  it was truly a blasphemous holy experience and your soul won’t be right without it.

so now that i’ve won the internet and conquered all that Al Gore has to offer with this accomplishment, i have to say… it’s pretty anticlimactic at the top.   i’m packin up and movin back down to the slums with the rest of u bastards!

10 responses to “hamshamalndma ahmshamalamdama thank ya!!

  1. This is the greatest trending topic since #KobesHijab and #ChrisBrownsBowTie. People in the world are always down for inappropriate shenanigans. I LOVE IT!

  2. I’m so proud of you! The thread was hysterical and it helped me cope through all of my awkward family moments yesterday!

  3. I laughed so hard I…. yeah. Nevermind. I just really laughed hard.

  4. Lol, congrats. Wish I had one to add.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. One of mine made the list, hooray for me!!!
    Is it wrong that I was posting these in church yesterday?

  6. Ms. Brokey,
    You forgot:
    “Jesus had Hate’as Just like I Do’s”
    (‘Cus I’m a Thug wit the Paper)

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot …
    Congrats an’ all. Now I’m gonna hate on you …

  7. DAMBIT ALL TO DEREON HELL!!! MY homette Brokey started a trending topic of epic foolery and I miss it b/c I slept in. *kicks trashcan*

    But I’d like to take this moment to give glory to Gawd, passa, everyones everyones. I’s SO proud. Excuse me as I juke for Jesus in the aisles.

  8. That was you? Wow! I came in on the end, but I didn’t partake. Congrats!

  9. I’m mad I missed this, but super happy for ya! Gon’ witcho baaaad self!

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