and now, a love song from 50 Tyson.

first things first:  if you haven’t seen 50 Tyson at all, then you clearly haven’t been reading Splackavellie Central.  SHAME ON YOU.

50 Tyson is a kid from Minnesota who wants to be a rapper or already fashions himself a rapper and has put several videos of him freestyling on youtube (click the link above to get you a taste).  recently, the internets discovered that he’s not just a rapper… he’s a crooner, too.

but wait!  it gets weirder!

so after the love song, he showcases a  bunch of other songs he’s been working on, including “bouncing on her tippie toes,” and “sway on the honeys.”  and then he gets mad and threatens to shoot the radio.

wait, what?

zoom!  zoom!  zoom!  zoom!  zoom!

15 responses to “and now, a love song from 50 Tyson.

  1. so i feel like i should be like “yount know who i am?! i’m fitty tyson, doe” every time someone makes me angry. i hate that you’ve brought him into my consciousness.

  2. Ms. Brokey,
    I feel like I’m makin’ fun of the kids on the short-bus here.

    He did get the ‘Shirtless Rapper Look’ part right.

    But, the repeated line …
    “Can I be the one that HOLD YOU DOWN”
    Uh, that kinda creeps me out. I’m not so sure he’d understand what the concept of “consensual” might mean.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or feel a bit frightened for the Twin Cities.

    (Note: For the Splackavellie side, how ‘bout’s a reader poll on the creepiest lyrics?)

  3. *dead*

    Watch out… Reh Dogg has somebody coming for his crown.

  4. Why come his chorus sounds a lot like “The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round”, though?

    He’s one special snowflake.

    Actually, I read dude really does have Asperger’s or something.

  5. is he serious?
    do we file this under sad, but true?
    so many questions…

    never should have given black people internet access.

    and i’m black!

  6. peeeeaace owwwt, from my, from my worr-orr-orrrld, for uhhhuhhhuuss…

    indeed fifty tyson doe, indeed.

    i feel like an asshole for laughing at this

  7. Ah, he special, reeeeeeeal special.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  8. Ow. I just watched that entire video, and I think you somehow owe me $2.38 for time spent… A later bill will come from those Eternal Sunshine people for making me forget watching it…

    *still shook over how aggy he got at the end… “I’m from the Twin Cities, bitch!” << never worked for anyone. ever. Not Prince. Not Jerome. Not Kirby Puckett. Maybe Alexander O'Neal… But that's it…

  9. Ummmmm. I’m from the Twin Cities – and somehow this little gem has gotten past me. Thanks for sharing. No, really. Thanks. For. Sharing. @Lite Bread – you probably should be frightened for us!

  10. Ohhhhhhh. I see. Upon further evaluation, I have drawn my own conclusion. He is so very special…indeed. @Miss Behave, Asperger’s would explain it all. God forgive me for staring.

  11. ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM! I think he and Melo should start a group. The only problem he has is that his family is not being honest with him by telling him he is a good rapper/singer/entertainer/speaker.


  13. Thanks to this, I’m a huge 50 Tyson fan now.

  14. Wooooow now I feel bad 4 muh youtube msg… not dat bad but whoeva tryna sign him??? Dey bou 2 diddy dat boy. Make a lil change off him n put his ass on da shelf smmfh

  15. 50 Tyson is funny asz hell but he weak as fuq i mean dude made a sonq and den one line of his verse said i smell like bunny wat duz dat mean???? Wooooowwww datsz wierd by da way my sista said hell naw he cnt hold me down I don’t think he dat weak but he keep sayin da same shxyt niqqa we kno u from Twin Cities and watsz yo name

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