i snapped this at my local Kroger in Louisville, KY.  madness.

5 responses to “F*@KING BP.

  1. In the words of the illustrious brown poet, Aziz Ansari….

    …..F*** YOUUUUUU BP!

  2. And in the words of 50 (cent) Tyson …
    “Ya jus Hata’s”
    “What? What?”

  3. Sixty-Five dollars?!!! O M G…

  4. What do you normally pay for shrimp? That is not a bad price, at all. A 5 lb. bag of shrimp for $65 works out to $13 per pound. And they are the jumbo-sized 16-20 count shrimp. I cook a lot and I usually pay anywhere between $10 (if they are on sale) and $15 per pound for shrimp that size. Considering that Kentucky is landlocked and the shrimp travel pretty far to get there, that seems like a very reasonable price to me.

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